Pistons Bring Cell Phones, 100-Pound Trucks, and Whining to Cleveland: Cavs Win 79-73

Allen Iverson Comments After Pistons-Cavs Game | Cavs winThere was a time in the not so distant NBA past where the Detroit Pistons were the class of the Eastern Conference, a team to be reckoned with on a nightly basis to be sure. And they also stood for something: No real superstar. Five solid, All-Star caliber players playing together and putting individual accolades on the back burner with team goals in mind every time they laced ’em up.

Those Pistons were, in a lot of respects, the model NBA team. Like them or not, you had to respect them. But, as I said on Sunday night, its hard to even Remember those Pistons anymore.

The Cavaliers played a bad game last night for the most part. Now granted, a bad game from LBJ still nets 25 points, 12 rebounds, and a few assists, but he was noticeably off for most of the night. In that same game, Mo Williams couldn’t throw it in the ocean, Ilguauskas had 4 points, and Delonte West had to sit for stretches in the 2nd half after getting a technical foul.

But with all that said, they still beat the Pistons 79-73, and are now 25 games up on Detroit in the standings, with a record of 61-13.

25 Games Up.

In addition to that, as reported by Cleveland’s ESPN 850 WKNR talk show host Tony Rizzo today, there were Piston players “talking on their cell phones duAllen Iverson Comments After Pistons-Cavs Gamesring warm-ups.” Maybe they were calling Chauncey Billups for a “trade-back” because, other than Chauncey, it’s all the same faces in the D these days, and it ain’t all good.

The guy they got for Mr. Bigshot, Allen Iverson, isn’t exactly helping things. A.I. had this to say in response to the Tuesday night loss to the Cavaliers:

“How many minutes did I play? It seemed way, way, way less than that. Eighteen minutes? Come on, man. I can play 18 minutes with my eyes closed and with a 100-pound truck on my back. It’s a bad feeling, man. I’m wondering what they rushed me back for? For that?

“It’s a bad time for me mentally.”

And its a pretty bad time for the Pistons too Allen. Mentally, physically, and in the loss column. 36-38 isn’t exactly what Joe Dumars had in mind this season.

If only that Darko pick had worked out the way he thought it would…

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