Join the Midwest Sports Fans NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge

Mens NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge, ContestLast night I slaved over statistics and matchups to come up with my one-and-only bracket predictions for the 2009 Mens NCAA Tournament. I am sure that right now you are at some stage of researching/picking your bracket(s) for the 2009 Tournament as well.

Why not see how you match up with other readers/writers/fans/random-passersby of Midwest Sports Fans?

Last night I set up the official Midwest Sports Fans NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge on The steps to join are simple:

  1. Go to the Bracket Challenge and create an entry.
  2. Then, follow this link for the Midwest Sports Fans group. Or just search “Midwest Sports Fans” in the groups.  You should see our entry come up. It will ask you for a password. Enter: midwestsports and you will be signed in.

It’s that simple.

I have not decided on a prize yet, beyond constant monitoring here on the site and obvious pub should you win (or public humiliation should you do horribly awful). But I will probably do something. No promises. Sign up for the challenge and fun of it, but there could — could — be something in it for you at the end.

Hope to see you all there, and good luck with your picks.

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