College Basketball: 2009 ACC Tournament Preview

2009 ACC Tournament Preview: Schedule, TV, History, Past Champions, TicketsYour first thought upon seeing a post about the 2009 ACC Tournament on Midwest Sports Fans might be: isn’t the ACC outside of your jurisdiction? And my response to that question would be to invoke the spirit of the famous Michael Jordan quote (“Republicans buy shoes too.”), said in response to why he did not take public stands on political issues.

My version of the response would be, “ACC/East Coast fans visit sports blog too.” Hence, we like to throw them a bone every now and again. Plus, I’m a born Hoosier whose favorite time of year is March. First the big games at the end of the regular season, then Conference Championship Week, and then March Madness.

And there is no conference tournament that has provided more long-term excitement or featured more stars than the ACC Tournament. So I have always been a big fan, even with the beginning of the Big Ten Tournament about a decade ago.

Anyway, here is the quick preview of the 2009 ACC Tournament:

2009 ACC Tournament Preview

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According to the current mens basketball AP Top 25, North Carolina is #4, Duke is #7, Clemson is #12, Wake Forest is #13, Florida State is #23. Obviously the smart money would be one of these teams taking home the crown; and the even smarter money would be on North Carolina or Duke. While both have seemed to struggle at times, at least based on expectations, they are still top-10 teams and it always seems to be one of the two that is taking home the ACC Tournament crown.

Here is the schedule, with North Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest, and Florida State in line for the four byes right now, based on the current ACC mens basketball standings.

ACC Mens Basketball Tournament Schedule: Bracket, Times, TV

Game Date Matchup Time TV
1 Thu, March 12 #8 Virginia Tech def. #9 Miami 47 12:00 ET RAYCOM
2 Thu, March 12 #12 Georgia Tech v #5 Clemson 86-81 2:00 ET RAYCOM
3 Thu, March 12 #7 Maryland def. #10 NC State 74-69 7:00 ET ESPN2
4 Thu, March 12 #6 Boston College def. #11 Virginia 76-63 9:00 ET RAYCOM
5 Fri, March 13 #1 North Carolina def. #8 Virginia Tech 79-76 12:00 ET RAYCOM/ESPN2
6 Fri, March 13 #4 Florida State def. #12 Georgia Tech 64-62 2:00 ET RAYCOM/ESPN2
7 Fri, March 13 #7 Maryland def. #2 Wake Forest 75-64 7:00 ET RAYCOM/ESPN2
8 Fri, March 13 #3 Duke def. #6 Boston College 66-65 9:00 ET RAYCOM/ESPN2
9 Sat, March 14 #4 Florida State def. #1 North Carolina 73-70 1:30 ET RAYCOM/ESPN
10 Sat, March 14 #3 Duke def. #7 Maryland 67-61 3:30 ET RAYCOM/ESPN
11 Sun, March 15 #3 Duke def. #4 Florida State 79-69 1:00 ET RAYCOM/ESPN

Now, what makes the ACC Tournament so special is the history. Whereas the Big Ten Tournament only has about a decade of history, the ACC Tournament has been going on since the 1950s. And as you can see, all-time greats like Tim Duncan, Phil Ford, and James Worthy, among many others, have been named MVP of the ACC Tournament. Here is a look at the storied history of the ACC Tournament, the greatest of the college basketball conference tournaments.

ACC Mens Basketball Tournament History: Past Champions, Runners-Up, and MVPs

Year ACC Tournament Champion Score ACC Tournament Runner-Up ACC Tournament MVP
1954 NC State Wolfpack 82-80 Wake Forest Demon Deacons Dickie Hemric
1955 NC State Wolfpack 87-77 Duke Blue Devils Ron Shavlik
1956 NC State Wolfpack 76-54 Wake Forest Demon Deacons Vic Molodet
1957 North Carolina Tar Heels 95-75 South Carolina Gamecocks Lennie Rosenbluth
1958 Maryland Terrapins 86-75 North Carolina Tar Heels Nick Davis
1959 NC State Wolfpack 80-56 North Carolina Tar Heels Lou Pucillo
1960 Duke Blue Devils 64-59 Wake Forest Demon Deacons Doug Kistler
1961 Wake Forest Demon Deacons 96-81 Duke Blue Devils Len Chappelle
1962 Wake Forest Demon Deacons 77-68 Clemson Tigers Len Chappelle
1963 Duke Blue Devils 71-66 Wake Forest Demon Deacons Art Heyman
1964 Duke Blue Devils 80-59 Wake Forest Demon Deacons Jeff Mullins
1965 NC State Wolfpack 91-85 Duke Blue Devils Larry Worsley
1966 Duke Blue Devils 71-66 NC State Wolfpack Steve Vacendak
1967 North Carolina Tar Heels 82-73 Duke Blue Devils Larry Miller
1968 North Carolina Tar Heels 87-50 NC State Wolfpack Larry Miller
1969 North Carolina Tar Heels 85-74 Duke Blue Devils Charlie Scott
1970 NC State Wolfpack 42-39 South Carolina Gamecocks Vann Williford
1971 South Carolina Gamecocks 52-51 North Carolina Tar Heels John Roche/Lee Dedmon
1972 North Carolina Tar Heels 73-64 Maryland Terrapins Bob McAdoo
1973 NC State Wolfpack 76-74 Maryland Terrapins Tommy Burleson
1974 NC State Wolfpack 103-100 Maryland Terrapins Tommy Burleson
1975 North Carolina Tar Heels 70-68 NC State Wolfpack Phil Ford
1976 Virginia Cavaliers 67-62 North Carolina Tar Heels Wally Walker
1977 North Carolina Tar heels 75-69 Virginia Cavaliers John Kuester
1978 Duke Blue Devils 85-77 Wake Forest Demon Deacons Jim Spanarkel
1979 North Carolina Tar Heels 71-63 Duke Blue Devils Dudley Bradley
1980 Duke Blue Devils 73-72 Maryland Terrapins Albert King
1981 North Carolina Tar Heels 61-60 Maryland Terrapins Sam Perkins
1982 North Carolina Tar Heels 47-45 Virginia Cavaliers James Worthy
1983 NC State Wolfpack 81-78 Virginia Cavaliers Sidney Lowe
1984 Maryland Terrapins 74-62 Duke Blue Devils Len Bias
1985 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 57-54 North Carolina Tar Heels Mark Price
1986 Duke Blue Devils 68-67 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Johnny Dawkins
1987 NC State Wolfpack 68-67 North Carolina Tar Heels Vinny Del Negro
1988 Duke Blue Devils 65-61 North Carolina Tar Heels Danny Ferry
1989 North Carolina Tar Heels 77-74 Duke Blue Devils J.R. Reid
1990 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 70-61 Virginia Cavaliers Brian Oliver
1991 North Carolina Tar Heels 96-74 Duke Blue Devils Rick Fox
1992 Duke Blue Devils 94-74 North Carolina Tar Heels Christian Laettner
1993 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 77-75 North Carolina Tar Heels James Forest
1994 North Carolina Tar Heels 73-66 Virginia Cavaliers Jerry Stackhouse
1995 Wake Forest Demon Deacons 82-80 North Carolina Tar Heels Randolph Childress
1996 Wake Forest Demon Deacons 75-74 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Tim Duncan
1997 North Carolina Tar Heels 64-54 NC State Wolfpack Shammond Williams
1998 North Carolina Tar Heels 83-68 Duke Blue Devils Antawn Jamison
1999 Duke Blue Devils 96-73 North Carolina Tar Heels Elton Brand
2000 Duke Blue Devils 81-68 Maryland Terrapins Jason Williams
2001 Duke Blue Devils 79-53 North Carolina Tar Heels Shane Battier
2002 Duke Blue Devils 91-61 NC State Wolfpack Carlos Boozer
2003 Duke Blue Devils 84-77 NC State Wolfpack Daniel Ewing
2004 Maryland Terrapins 95-87 Duke Blue Devils John Gilchrist
2005 Duke Blue Devils 69-64 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets J.J. Redick
2006 Duke Blue Devils 78-76 Boston College Eagles J.J. Redick
2007 North Carolina Tar Heels 89-80 NC State Wolfpack Brandan Wright
2008 North Carolina Tar Heels 86-81 Clemson Tigers Tyler Hansbrough
2009 Duke Blue Devils 79-69 Florida State Seminoles Jon Scheyer
2010 Duke Blue Devils 65-61 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Kyle Singler
2011 Duke Blue Devils 75-58 North Carolina Tar Heels Nolan Smith

Wow…and I just realized that it is March 1st as I type this. February is always so damn short that March just sneaks up on you. But that just means that the greatest sports month of the year is beginning, which is awesome. Get ready for March Madness…it’s here!

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