College Football TV Schedule – Week of Saturday, November 15, 2008

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College Football TV Schedule November 15, 2008I gotta be honest here — this is a pretty boring weekend for college football if you ask me. Now of course, it’s all relative. Even the most boring college football weekend is still exciting because there are upsets, outrageous performances, and the perpetual chance of a crotchety old head coach taking a swing at a Clemson player on the sidelines.

But in terms of marquee games, there is not a whole lot to look forward this weekend. No Texas Tech-OK State like last weekend, for instance. Next week, however, we get Texas Tech visiting Oklahoma, Michigan at Ohio State, and other exciting matchups.

This weekend, you’ll have to settle for South Carolina at Florida, which is the only battle between Top 25 teams. Still, it’s always these seemingly ho-hum weekends that end up producing the big season-changing upset. Could Mississippi State knock of Alabama? Could USC trip up again versus Stanford?

The College Football TV Schedule for the week of Saturday, November 15, 2008 is below so you can plan out your Saturday. Bookmark it and come back often. We appreciate your visit.

College Football Week 12 TV Schedule

Date Game Time TV
Tue. 11/11 #14 Ball State @ Miami (OH) 7:00 ESPN2
Wed. 11/12 Temple at Kent State 8:00 ESPN360
Wed. 11/12 C. Michigan @ N. Illinois 8:00 ESPN2
Thu. 11/13 Buffalo at Akron 7:00 ESPNU
Thu. 11/13 Virginia Tech at Miami (Fl) 7:30 ESPN
Thu. 11/13 Wyoming at UNLV 9:00 CBS CS^
Fri. 11/14 #22 Cincinnati at Louisville 8:00 ESPN2
Sat. 11/15 Indiana at #8 Penn State 12:00 BTN
Sat. 11/15 #11 Ohio State at Illinois 12:00 ESPN
Sat. 11/15 Rutgers at South Florida 12:00 ESPN360
Sat. 11/15 Northwestern at Michigan 12:00 ESPN2
Sat. 11/15 Duke at Clemson 12:00 ESPN360
Sat. 11/15 Purdue at Iowa 12:00 BTN
Sat. 11/15 Notre Dame at Navy 12:00 CBS
Sat. 11/15 #3 Texas at Kansas 12:30 FSN
Sat. 11/15 #10 Georgia at Auburn 12:30 ESPN360
Sat. 11/15 Midd. Tenn. State at W. Kentucky 1:00 ESPN360
Sat. 11/15 New Mexico at Colorado State 2:00 The Mtn.
Sat. 11/15 #25 South Carolina at #4 Florida 3:30 CBS
Sat. 11/15 #16 North Carolina at Maryland 3:30 ABC*
Sat. 11/15 #17 BYU at Air Force 3:30 CBS CS^
Sat. 11/15 #24 Wake Forest at NC State 3:30 ESPNU
Sat. 11/15 California at Oregon State 3:30 ABC*
Sat. 11/15 Minnesota at Wisconsin 3:30 ABC*
Sat. 11/15 Nebraska at Kansas State 3:30 PPV
Sat. 11/15 #9 Boise State at Idaho 5:00 ESPN360
Sat. 11/15 New Mexico State at Fresno State 5:00 ESPN360
Sat. 11/15 #12 Missouri at Iowa State 6:30 FSN
Sat. 11/15 Arizona at Oregon 6:30 FSAZ
Sat. 11/15 #6 USC at Stanford 7:00 VERSUS
Sat. 11/15 UCONN at Syracuse 7:00 ESPNU
Sat. 11/15 Miss. State at #1 Alabama 7:45 ESPN
Sat. 11/15 #7 Utah at San Diego State 8:00 The Mtn.
Sat. 11/15 #13 Oklahoma State at Colorado 8:00 ABC*
Sat. 11/15 Boston College at #19 Florida State 8:00 ABC*
Sat. 11/15 Troy at #20 LSU 8:00 ESPN360
Sat. 11/15 #23 Tulsa at Houston 8:00 CBS CS^
Sat. 11/15 Vanderbilt at Kentucky 8:00 ESPN2
Sat. 11/15 UCLA at Washington 10:15 FSN

^ – This is CBS College Sports. Just type that in Google and you’ll find it.

* – Regional ABC coverage. Typically the mid-afternoon games are shown on one of the ESPN networks if it isn’t in your area on ABC. I’m assuming the same will remain true this week. Not sure how the night games will work, as all of the ESPN channels seem to be spoken for. Check your local TV listings for November 11.

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