The Best and Worst Sports Cities in 2008

This may be a little premature, but there are no major championships left to be decided this year. But, I want to get some discussion on this topic going. So, I have two questions for the sports fans out there.

What was the best city to be a sports fan in 2008?

What was the worst city to be a sports fan in 2008?

I think the best city argument can come down to a few different cities.

Boston - Best Sports City in 20081. Boston

Positive: Super Bowl runner up, Return to NBA dominance with their first championship since the 80’s, and another post season run in baseball.

Negatives: The Tom Brady injury, Tom Brady went to Michigan, lost the super bowl in which they were heavily favored and ruined their historical season.

2. New York

Positive: Their improbable super bowl win puts them in contention for the year.

Negative: the Yankees didn’t make the playoffs this year for the first time since the early 90’s, Brett Favre moved there.

3. Philadelphia

Positive: First World Series win in over 20 years.

Negative: Franchise QB doesn’t know the rules of football.

4. Detroit – Positive: NHL championship…which is pretty neat…I guess; finally got rid of Matt Millen; Pistons made another post season run.

Negative: Detroit Lions still winless after 10 games, the Detroit Tigers in general, and it’s in Michigan.

I don’t think you can argue that Seattle was the worst city in which to be a sports fan this year…maybe worst of all time.

Postives: ………coffee?

Negatives: Lost NBA team to Oklahoma City, Kept WNBA team, Mariners were basement dwellers, the Seahawks are horrible and apparently the Space Needle doesn’t actually go to outer space.

What city do you think was the best?

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