Fantasy Football Week 9 Wide Receiver Tips and Advice

This week in fantasy football the wide world of receivers has blown right open. With guys coming back from injuries, rising stars, and offenses on the move, there are some important news and notes to consider before Sunday morning.steve breaston

Controversy in the Desert

The Cardinals have some incredible talent in the desert. Kurt Warner prayed that his team wouldn’t suck after he got Anquan Boldin rocked by the Jets and his prayers were answered by Steve Breaston. Breaston proved to fill the spot well and has averaged 98 YPG since week 4. Everyone saw his value hitting the floor, though, when Anquan Boldin bounced back. It didn’t. This week against the Panthers he had 91 yards and made it clear that he was still considered a key part of the offense. Not to mention, sticky contract negotiations with Boldin have Steve Breaston in the front office looking to ink a deal with the Cards.

Even with Anquan Boldin back, look for his value to even out slightly, and Steve Breaston’s to stay consistent. Remember the Cardinals throw the ball 60% of the time and Breaston is a primary kick returner, too. (Even with that, Tim Hightower has been the touchdown hawk for the Cards, so don’t count on blowup numbers for Breaston.)

There are some other key dudes back from injury that will change value around the league:

Brandon Stokely looks set to take the field in Denver after a concussion and has been seen as “the best slot receiver in the game” according to teammates. Trouble is with the return of Tony Scheffler and Eddie Royal as well, Stokely won’t get the lovely looks you want. He should be solid coming off the bye week, though, and look for Cutler to light it up against the Dolphins after an embarrassing loss to the Pats. (Jay Cutler has a huge ego…shhh, don’t tell him I told you, even though he wants you to know.)

Brandon Lloyd hit the practice field this week for the Bears. After a knee injury in the Philly game, Kyle Orton lost his most talented prospect. With Orton on the rise, the Bears coming off the bye and looking at Detroit at home, anyone on the Bears might be a good pickup. Keep your eye on his status though; if the knee goes south he will likely wait another week, then Rasheid Davis is probably your best bet in Chicago.

Joey Galloway, back in the Bay. This is great news for a Bucs’ team that has yet to establish an offensive identity. Galloway has not made much noise yet, because he is still splitting time with Antonio Bryant and even Ike Hillard. Joey Galloway is a beast though and has wheels, when his timing returns with Garcia he will find big gains for a Bucs’ team that really can’t run the ball consistently.

Sidney Rice looks like he will be back and healthy for the Vikings this week after struggling to get to 100% with a knee injury. He is the number two wide receiver in Minnesota and will be in the game this week against Houston.

Blow ups in Week 8

If someone in your league hasn’t found Donnie Avery, yet. Get him. I think that goes withouted ginn fantasy footballt saying. The Rams, it turns out, know how to play football and Donnie Avery is a beast.

Ted Ginn Jr. might be more likely to still be floating around in some leagues. The Ohio State alum proved that Chad Pennington has a target on the rise in Miami. He’s still a risk for a big start but will certainly start to show up more, so get him while you can.

Finally, David Garrard might have a target. Reggie Williams might be the go-to in Jacksonville after starting the season with an injury. Plus, Matt Jones can’t stay off the white horse and is looking at a suspension and looking skinnier, I might add.

Be wary of your “studs”

T.O. is losing value with every snap Brad Johnson takes and every move Jerry Jones makes. It’s like a bad Sting ballad. His fantasy stud status is real questionable with this team struggling like it has. Don’t be afraid to sit him if you have a viable option to back him up. On the road in New York won’t be a trip the boys want to remember on Monday morning.

Plaxico Burress is a virus, a virus that Tom Coughlin hates and Eli Manning can avoid. The Giants want to keep this guy as distant from the core of their team as possible and with other receiving options for Eli – Steve Smith, Domenik Hixon, Kevin Boss and even Derrick Ward – he can find someone else open to do the job who likes playing there. Plaxico Burress had 3 catches for 15 yards last week against the Steelers, and while he gets looks in the red zone, the Giants are good enough to stay away from him if they need to.

Questions? Thoughts? Leave them in the comment thread below and let’s discuss.

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