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fantasy football sleeper focusHello fantasy football owners, NFL Week 9 is now upon us! Five more games until the playoffs start in most leagues, lets make sure we get in!

I want to send a special thanks to Chad Thompson in Canada. Chad, thank you for your support, and tell those around you the same. I think it’s time that the NFL gives Canada two teams, since they have no problem flying players all over the world to play regular season games. And as I told you, you should feel comfortable not only having both Titans running backs, but starting them as well, I would.

The Fantasy Football Sleeper Focus has generated so much traffic for questions over the last week, that I am going to dedicate this week to answering those questions, as I see that a lot of owners have the same concerns.

When you submit a question, I would greatly appreciate it if you can tell me where you are from, so I have an idea of what markets I am reaching. Thanks in advance.

Dave writes:

Thanks again for the great TE advice last week, H. Miller helped me out as I won by 3 points. I have another tough question for week 9. I have Drew Brees on bye as well as Steve Smith and Colston. I have dropped Miller and picked up Chad Pennington over both Jeff Garcia and Matt Ryan who were both available on waivers. Do you agree with that move? I have also dropped Jeremy Shockey and picked up Ted Ginn Jr. I dropped Minnesota’s defense as I also have Buffalo which should have a favorable schedule coming up and potential suspensions in MN scare me. I have picked up Donnie Avery. My rambling question is this: I will be starting DeSean Jackson this week and have an open WR spot to fill with one of Ginn, Avery, or Lavernous Coles. Who do you go with?

I’m glad that my Heath Miller advice pushed you over the top for a win last week, that’s fantastic! What’s funny is all of the experts are jumping all over the Chad Pennington and Ted Ginn Jr. kick. I am not in such a hurry to anoint Chad Pennington as the save-all QB, and here is why: Chad Pennington has crippled me in previous years, and after being burned by him so many times, I would like to see him produce consistently. That is what wins fantasy football championships: consistency.

Without consistency, you are bobbling three or four players with average talent into your lineup with difficult starting decisions, and if you luck is like mine, you have the top performer looking up off chad pennington fantasy footballof the bench, just like David Garrard last week. Speaking of consistency, Garrard has been just like the David Garrard of 2007 again. If this guy had an average receiver to throw to, he would be lights out.

I like Jeff Garcia’s match up this week against the Chiefs, and if you are in a keeper league, I love Matt Ryan. This rookie looked like a veteran against two great pass rush defenses, those being the Bears and the Eagles. Matt Ryan faces the Raiders this week. His only drawback would be if the Falcons open up a 14 point lead and pound the ground game at them to close it out. I have a feeling though that they may let Ryan air it out to continue his development, we will see. Chad Pennington has a plethora of lousy pass defenses he is about to face, I just have a hard time trusting him.

Your WR issue is even more difficult. Donnie Avery is on fire, but he is playing a good Cardinals “D.” Despite that, he is obviously Marc Bulger’s favorite target, this year’s Issac Bruce if you will. If Chad Pennington does not fail you, Ted Ginn is worthy of a start, and Laveraneus Coles is “consistent”, but has only had one monster game this year. If you are comfortable with Pennington, Ted Ginn would be a good start against the Broncos defense that made Matt Cassel look like a carbon copy of Tom Brady.

Fantasy Football Operating Tip #1

As a side note, when you, all of you make your lineup for the week, look at your opponents when you make your decision. If it appears that you are going to get throttled, you have to take chances on what players on your team can produce the most points, or as I say, has the highest ceiling. If you are the heavy favorite, you can play a conservative, or consistent lineup, to ensure your win. Scout your opponent, it will make your decisions easier.

Molly writes:

I have Washington Def for week 9 against Pit. The current available Def on Waiver are: NE, Dal, Jac, Sea, Ari, Den, Cle, Mia, Oak, Atl, Kc, Stl, Det, Cin. I’m thinking Jac against Cin. Thoughts?

I think that is a great idea. Jacksonville has a great D line which can dominate a game. They are coming off of a difficult loss to the Browns and this is a must win for them to stay in the wild card race. Automatic NO WAYS are the Patriots, Cowboys, Seattle, Arizona, Denver, Oakland, KC, Detroit and the Bengals because of who they are playing or how lousy their defense is, or both.

The Cleveland Browns have a good match up at home versus the Ravens, they just have to stop the run. The downside to the Browns is that the Ravens defense can score touchdowns, which will hurt the Browns D score.

Atlanta is playing a lousy Raiders team with their running back crew looking like a local Emergency Room, but this team did score on the Ravens, which I thought would never happen. At any rate, the Raiders are a mess. Miami’s defense is good, but so is the Broncos offense, so I would not start them either.

To answer your question, I like the Jags or the Falcons out of this group.

There are a ton of difficult decisions this week as far as matchups are concerned. Get your questions in to clinton portis fantasy footballme by posting your questions on this site in the comments below, or you can reach me at Again, please list where you are from.

I will leave you with this brain teaser for the week…. Clinton Portis is the NFL’s leading rusher. He is playing the Steelers #3 run defense this week on Monday night. Do you start Clinton Portis or bench him? Why or why not? I am looking forward to the debate.

Thanks again for the growing support, and feel free to head on over to the Week 9 Fire and Ice Fantasy Football Forum for additional advice and discussion.

Kurt Fraschetti

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