NFL Quick Hits – August 9, 2008

by Jerod Morris

A few random thoughts about the NFL…

Aaron Rodgers (pictured below, dressed up as Scott Stapp for Halloween), the new undisputed starting QB for the Green Bay Packers, really just doesn’t seem to get it. If you haven’t seen his comments that came out today where we was basically whining that fans yell at him and he’s heard kids cussing at him, read them here. Why even go there? He is already facing an impossible task…replacing a living legend. Just ask Jay Fiedler how easy that is! Fiedler was actually a decent quarterback, who led the Dolphins to a few playoff appearances. But he was never even partially accepted by Dolphins fans. Why? Because he wasn’t Dan Marino. (And look at the Dolphins now…they haven’t had a QB as good as even Fiedler ever since!) The point is, if Rodgers displays this poor judgment with the media…and remember his comments from a few weeks back where he said the fans should “shut up or get on board”…it makes you wonder if his judgment on the field will be any better.

From all accounts it was a solid effort for the Browns yesterday. And Braylon Edwards made another amazing catch. He had a breakout season last year, but I think he joins the Moss-Owens tier of top flight NFL receivers this year. He’s that good. And Derek Anderson is the perfect match for him as a quarterback. D.A. may have questionable judgment sometimes, and is not as accurate on the intermediate passes as even Brady Quinn, but he throws one of the best deep balls in the NFL. Considering the fact that Kellen Winslow is there to draw the attention of the D, and the power running game of Jamal Lewis has to be respected, the D.A.-Braylon combo is pretty much unstoppable. I think if they are your first two picks in a fantasy draft, you’ll be very competitive in your league.

Tony Dungy announced that Marvin Harrison was cleared to play. This is good news for Colts fans. I think it is pretty much a widely accepted fact that Harrison is only going to be about 50-75% of the player he was before last year, but the respect that he will still garner will open things up for Anthony Gonzalez, Reggie Wayne, and Joseph Addai. There isn’t a whole lot of buzz around the Colts this offseason it seems like. I’m not a big Colts fan, but you have to respect their consistency. And as long as their aging and/or injury prone players can play at or near their full capability, you have to like their chances of making a deep playoff run. My only question…what the hell happened with the whole Marvin Harrison shooting thing? For a while there it seemed like all of the evidence was pointing at him being in some pretty serious trouble. The Colts are doing a good job of keeping that story pretty tightly wrapped. I haven’t heard anything in a while. Hopefully he wasn’t involved, and maybe that explains the complete dearth of updates…but the initial circumstantial evidence sure seemed damning for Harrison.

I’d write another blurb about the Bears overpaying Devin Hester…but I think they’ve been piled enough. Have they had anything at all good happen since they made the Super Bowl?

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