Brett Favre: The Suicide of a Legacy

Brett Favre

by Ryan Russell

After watching the latest press conference with Green Bay Packers head coach, Mike McCarthy, I have concluded that Brett Farve is, in fact, a gigantic tool (as many of the more intelligent NFL analysts have suggested).

Perhaps it’s because I have always thought that Brett Favre was vastly overrated, but I agree with both the decisions made & positions taken by McCarthy, Murphy, and the Packers organization in light of the drama that has unfolded.

Figuring out who the “asshole” is in this situation depends solely on what you believe. Did Favre decide to retire only to change his mind a few months later, or did he plan this entire clusterf#$k from the beginning? If you believe the latter, that his “retirement” press conference was a tear-soaked hoax designed to either relieve him of any offseason duties or simply to gather as much as much attention as humanly possible, then you must agree that Brett is the asshole.

Watch this clip from his appearance on Letterman on April 24th, less than 60 days after he cried like a bitch and declared his retirement (for the supposed last time).

It seems to me that whether or not he knew in March that he wanted to return, he most definitely knew in April. He waited to apply for reinstatement until late July because he is a self-centered dick, and he didn’t want to go to mini camp. Mike McCarthy is a standup guy, who treats all of his players the same. Brett Farve thinks he is better than everyone else and “owed” something from his team, as well as his teammates. I can only imagine how pissed off Brett had to be when McCarthy came to town and started treating him like he was a football player, instead of a living legend.

It is my estimation that Brett tried to manipulate the Packers into giving him what he wanted: special treatment. Favre seems to have expected all along than when he got older, he would be allowed the type of leniency that was awarded to Nolan Ryan or fat-cheater-douche Roger Clemens. When it was made clear that the Packers, in an effort to perhaps WIN again, would not allow any “I’s” in their “team”, I believe that Favre tried to rig the system and trick the organization into giving him his way.

If this is true, and Farve screwed with the heads of the players, coaches, and fans for his own selfish self interest, than it should not be forgiven OR forgotten. He should be remembered as the big-game losing, not-as-smart-as-he-thinks-he-is TWAT whose fame and recognition are based on little to nothing.

Obviously, he was a pretty good quarterback at one point. He did win 3 MVP awards from ’95-’97, and he did win A Superbowl. But he only won one Superbowl. Trent Dilfer won one, too.

He also holds the league record for career passing yards and completions, but those records seem somewhat insignificant considering he also holds the record for the most pass attempts, as well as interceptions (288 to date). It seems like simple logic to assume that WHOEVER has the most pass attemBrett Favre cryingpts, will also have the most completions AND interceptions. If Favre had those “positive” passing records without the “negative” ones, I could forgive his arrogance. Similarly, if he had a handful of Championship rings, i think he could get away with some of his horse-shit. Unfortunately, neither of these situations are the case.

He did win 13 games last year, something he hasn’t done in over a decade. He also threw for 4,155 yards, ending his season with an impressive 95.7 QB rating after connecting on 66.5 percent of his passes. Not to shabby, considering that he hadn’t produced as many passing yards since the 1998 season and had not earned a higher QB rating since 1996. In addition, his completion percentage last year was his career best. Seriously.

This information ultimately poses the question: is Brett Favre getting better (despite years of gradual decline), or is Mike McCarthy an intelligent and successfull head coach whose rules about team unity (and equality) should not be fucked with?

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