San Francisco Giants Establish Themselves As Dynasty With Game 7 Win

With their 3-2 victory over the Kansas City Royals on Wednesday night, the San Francisco Giants have now won three World Series titles in the last five years and established themselves as the latest dynasty in American sports.

Would World Series Win Make the San Francisco Giants a Dynasty?

The Kansas City Royals tied the World Series 1-1 on Wednesday night with a 7-2 win over the San Francisco Giants. While the Royals proved that this year’s Fall Classic won’t be a walkover for the Giants, they are still a long way from knocking off the franchise that has won two of the last four World Series. If Kansas City can’t stop San Francisco, it is indisputable that the current crop of Giants would constitute a dynasty.

2014 MLB Predictions – Records, Division Standings and World Series picks

They tell me not to do this every season. By making baseball win/loss record predictions in March, I open myself up to ridicule by early September.

That’s fine. Feel free to look at all my awful picks from last year, including the Blue Jays winning the American League East and the Red Sox “rebounding” with 83 wins. And there was more, I had the Angels winning the AL West and the St. Louis Cardinals missing the playoffs.

2013 World Series: Who and what to root for?

Certainly, there won’t be low TV ratings in St. Louis or Boston for this year’s World Series. But it may be different nationally.
I don’t think many people throughout the country will have any kind of dog in this fight. I don’t feel like I have one, I’m just not compelled to see all of this series.

12 great championship rematches from American sports

There have been several recent championship rematches where there were significant players from both sides still playing. The Cardinals and Red Sox will soon become another one. Here is a look at some others.

Dispelling 5 Myths About R.A. Dickey … And Why Toronto Trading Top Prospects For Him Is 100% The Right Move

Acquiring R.A. Dickey – even at a steep prospect price – would be a slam dunk for the improving Blue Jays. Pat Suley details the reasons why.

Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: San Francisco Giants World Series Very Special Episode (VSE)

Corey was under the weather this week, so our featured guest, Tim Livingston got bumped in to the co-hosts chair as he and I recap the 2012 World Series, discuss the individual playoff runs the Tigers and Giants had and what this means for the Giants going forward.

Has the Alex Rodriguez Signing Been Good or Bad for the Yankees?

A-Rod was probably the best hitter in baseball when the Yankees signed him to a record contract. With Rodriguez now banged up and not producing nearly as much for the 2nd straight year, it’s time to ask: has it been a successful signing?

Will World Series 2011 Provide Momentum for MLB In 2012?

Last year’s playoffs as a whole, beginning with an epic final day of the regular season, was breathtaking. So much so, that it could have won over new fans to the sport. MLB must capitalize on what transpired to create more momentum for this upcoming season.

Cubs Fans Rejoice At New ‘MLB 12: The Show’ Commercial Showing Lovable Losers Finally Winning The World Series

A new commercial for MLB 12: The Show was released today, and it struck a chord with the best or worst fans (depending whom you ask) in Major League Baseball.

Dear Parents: Please Don’t Raise Your Kids as Chicago Cub Fans

I don’t want to come off as the type of person who tells people how to raise your kids or how to be a parent; but I feel, as a victim of what I’m about to discuss, that I need to speak out. Please, whatever you do, do not raise your child as a Chicago Cubs fan.

8 Things We Learned This Weekend (Including a DoppelgĂ€nger For Andrew Luck That Doesn’t Suck)

Before this week is lost to LSU-Alabama hype, let’s pause to remember the weekend that was and reflect on some of the things that we learned.

Cardinals’ World Series title caps off magical month of baseball

AJ analyzes an incredible past 30 days of baseball, and explains where the excitement places historically. He also takes the media to task for its irresponsible agenda.

“We will see you tomorrow night”

I’ll write more about World Series Game 6 tomorrow. I need to process it. Need my head to stop spinning. So I’ll leave you this evening with two videos. One is from 1991, the other is from tonight. It’s Jack and Joe with perfect words for perfect nights.

In Appreciation of the Ron Washington Managerial Doctrine

When I first moved to Dallas, it seemed like Ron Washington was managing for his job on a near daily basis. As things stand in the sports world right now, there may be no coach outside of Bill Belichick and Mike Tomlin with more job security. Why? It’s all about earned – not blind – faith that Washington has in his players.