AL Comeback Player of the Year Race: Adam Dunn vs. Alex Rios

The White Sox are in first place in the AL Central Division large in part because of “the comeback kids” who have all blown away our greatest expectations for 2012. It’s fairly clear that the American League’s “Comeback Player of the Year Award” will be given to one of the south siders – it’s just not perfectly clear who.

Chicago White Sox Spot Starters Hector Santiago and Dylan Axelrod Could Be Key Down The Stretch

With just under a month left in the 2012 regular season, it’s strange that we’re discussing Axelrod and fellow spot starter Hector Santiago in such great detail for a team competing for a division title. But it’s looking like they’re both going to be important down the stretch.

What Chicago White Sox GM Kenny Williams Should Do Before the Trade Deadline

When dissecting the Chicago White Sox current 25-man roster, the holes are few and far between. But there clearly are still a couple of question marks. So let’s take a deeper look at each of those areas of concern and discuss how we can expect Kenny Williams to address them.

Interview with White Sox 1st Round Draft Pick Courtney Hawkins

Zach recently had the chance to interview White Sox first round draft pick Courtney Hawkins. His goal was to help White Sox fans really figure out what type of kid was just added to the south side family.

Detroit Tigers: Contenders or Pretenders?

Possibly the most disappointing team of all to this point has been the Detroit Tigers, who once had the best odds to win the World Series. Will they hit a hot streak and be contenders from here on out?

With Great Finals Matchup Set, It’s Time To Appreciate the State of the NBA Game

The 2012 NBA Playoffs have been a blast to watch, but these last couple of months have not been just another post season; they’ve been something much more special than that.

May 2nd: Indians defeat White Sox 6-3; My Experience at U.S. Cellular Field

I soaked up a lot throughout the five or-so hours I spent at U.S. Cellular Field yesterday, and I think you’ll all enjoy hearing what I found to be unique about “The Cell” this season. But first, let’s touch on the game.

Alexei Ramirez Has Been A Consistent Contributor For The White Sox – Can He Take The Next Step?

Alexei Ramirez has been one of the White Sox most consistent players throughout the last few seasons. But can he have a strong April and May to take the next step up in his production and value?

Female White Sox fan treats her camera like Adam Dunn has been treating lefties

So sit back, relax, and strap it down…and then prepare to laugh at this hilarious moment of imbecility from last night’s White Sox-Mariners game.

While Sox fans await 10th straight W while Cubs fans enjoy barenaked male backsides

The White Sox are one of the hottest teams in baseball; the Cubs are wallowing at eight games under .500. It is in times like these when Cubs fans resort to their most trusted source of solace: the barenaked naked asses of other man.

I’ll Tell You This: Dodgers Looking Strong, Pacman and RichRod Not So Much

BigMB checks in with his first edition of I’ll Tell You This, in which he riffs on the recent sports stories he finds most interesting. In the introductory edition: the Dodgers playoff outlook, NFL preseason injuries, the return of Pacman Jones, and the trouble in Ann Arbor.

White Sox: Happy to be here

No one else had to play 163 games except the Sox and Twins. After last night though, we were happy to do it.