Videos: San Antonio Spurs: Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Kawhi Leonard star in hilarious new commercials

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard are starring in a new series of commercials and they are hilarious.

10 action-packed, vintage heavyweight boxing matches on YouTube

Since there are no great heavyweight boxing matches anymore, it is a real treat to go back and look at some that provided use with awesome drama. They tend to get forgotten and deserve a second look. The video quality is quite good for each of the following fights that you can check out any time on YouTube.

Golden Tate Hit On Sean Lee Provides Most Bone-Chilling Image and Ironic Officiating Moment From Week 2

I realize a major part of football’s popularity is for the big hits and for guys getting “jacked up,” but frankly it’s my least favorite part of the game. For at least this split-second moment, I have to think it was Sean Lee’s too.

Video: What Happens When a Man Does Women’s Gymnastics? Everybody Laughs, That’s What

Browsing Reddit a few minutes ago I noticed the title “What happens when a man does women’s gymnastics?” I was at once intrigued and terrified. Then I watched the videos. And I laughed. You will too.

Pine Tar or Poopy Pants: What Is Your All-Time Favorite George Brett Moment?

Yesterday was the anniversary of one of the most iconic video images in the history of Major League Baseball: the Pine Tar Incident. But is that your favorite George Brett moment of all-time?

Video: Cheese Rolling Is My New Favorite Sport

I just stumbled upon this video over at Reddit after seeing the title “A noble sport that deserves more attention.” Needless to say, I did not get what I expected.

Video: Men Throwing Rocks With Their Other Hand

Today is a pretty intriguing sports day with many interesting stories. But we’re not going to talk about any of that in this post. Nope, we have far more important matters to discuss. Behold, the glory and grace of men throwing rocks with their other hand.

Video: Fondly Remembering (and Enjoying the Irony of) ‘Chicks Dig The Long Ball’

While editing the latest piece by Zach Gropper, I came across the following line: “And let’s not forget…chicks dig the long ball.” Of course, I could not help but think back to the great Nike commercial that coined the phrase, which immediately became embedded in the lexicon of baseball.

Video: Angelo Sharpless Delivers One of the Best In-Game Dunks You’ll Ever See

DII basketball player Angelo Sharpless is going to become an Internet superstar because of this dunk, which is easily one of the most jaw-dropping and impressive in-game dunks I’ve ever seen.

Video of the Day: Bull Shark Devours Fish on Woman’s Hook

The famous line from Jaws is, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat.” In this case, apparently they’re gonna need a bigger dock.

In Praise of “Good Job, Good Effort” Kid

I want to say a few words about my new favorite sports fan, a kid who can teach us all an important lesson about these silly games we care so much about.

Video: Beep Baseball Provides Competitive Outlet for Visually Impaired

I had no idea this sport existed. It’s called “beep baseball,” and it is designed to give visually impaired people a fun, competitive outlet.

Video: Hawk Harrelson Explodes After Ejection

White Sox starter Jose Quintana threw low and behind Ben Zobrist, prompting home plate umpire Mark Wegner to take off his mask, step forward, and eject Quintana. And that’s when Hawk blew up.

Video: Rugby Player Nicknamed “The Beast” Lives Up To Moniker With Incredible Feat of Strength

Watch as a rugby player nicknamed “The Beast” displays an incredible level of strength…as Brady Quinn looks on?

Vandy’s Triple Steal, Purdue-Indiana ‘Basebrawl’ Highlight Eventful College Baseball Weekend

It was an eventful weekend in college baseball. Conference championships were decided the NCAA Tournament bracket was announced, a Hoosier State rivalry got heated, and Vanderbilt pulled off a rare triple steal.