Cubs Fans Rejoice At New ‘MLB 12: The Show’ Commercial Showing Lovable Losers Finally Winning The World Series

A new commercial for MLB 12: The Show was released today, and it struck a chord with the best or worst fans (depending whom you ask) in Major League Baseball.

EA Sports’ FIFA Video Game Attracts Inner-City Youth, Accelerates Soccer’s March Towards Mainstream

Every day, there is a reason to think Soccer is getting a bit closer to being called a ‘Mainstream Sport’ in the U.S. Ironically, it might be faux Soccer that ultimately tips the scale over for real Soccer becoming a mainstream spectator sport.

The Two Awful 1987 Commercials That Launched ‘The Legend of Zelda’ – One of the Most Successful Video Game Franchises Ever

To introduce The Legend of Zelda to the American audience and build buzz heading into the 1987 holiday shopping season, Nintendo aired a pair of commercials, neither of which captured the essence of the game or made it look terribly appealing. But somehow these two ads resonated enough to make The Legend of Zelda Nintendo’s most successful game other than Super Mario Bros. and to launch one of the most successful video game franchises of all time.

The NBA Jam Manifesto – Part 1: Rosters, Legends, and Best Lineups for the Eastern Conference Teams

You won’t be getting any strange packages in the mail and the KGB won’t be knocking on your door. Nope, this manifesto is about something actually, well, awesome: the new NBA Jam.

NCAA Football 11 Review

EA Sports recently released NCAA Football 11 and it has been getting great reviews. In this post, Brandon takes a quick look at the graphics, announcing, gameplay, and other features before rendering a final verdict on the game.

The Great Debate: NBA Live 10 vs NBA 2K10

EA Sports and 2K Sports have released their 2010 NBA games: NBA Live 10 and NBA 2K10. Devon reviews and compares both games, with the features and ratings ultimately giving one game a slight edge over the other.

Review of EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for the Wii: Best Sports Video Game Experience Ever?

The latest golf offering for the Wii by EA Sports – Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 – just may be the greatest sports video game experience ever. Among the many reasons why: the Motion Plus controller enhancement; the incredible course selection; and, the most in-depth career mode for any golf game ever.

NCAA Football 09: Manual Recruiting in Dynasty Mode

Perfect your manual recruiting techniques in NCAA Football ’09 with these helpful hints from KVB.