The 2014 Fantasy Football “Do Not Draft” List

Fantasy Football leagues aren’t necessarily won on draft day, but they certainly can be lost.

It’s not always who you pick for your roster, but also about who you’re able to avoid. Whether or not you want to avoid them altogether or decide simply not worth the value they may be pegged at, you’ll be better off if you can keep these names off your roster.

Here are the top 10 players you should completely avoid while drafting this season.

Trent Richardson trade: What Indianapolis and Cleveland look like in the aftermath

Big trades almost never happen in the NFL – especially in the middle of the season. So when Cleveland and Indianapolis made a deal involving 2012’s No. 3 overall pick last week, the national fallout was probably much larger than it should have been.

Fantasy Football Spotlight: Willis McGahee

The biggest surprise in the NFL this week was the trade that sent Trent Richardson packing from the Cleveland Browns to the Indianapolis Colts.

Trent Richardson: Trading RB was right move for Cleveland Browns

It must be really tough to be a Cleveland sports fan. I know several of them, and none are even surprised any more when their beloved teams find new ways to exercise their ineptitude.

Trent Richardson: Trade to Indianapolis Colts will haunt Cleveland Browns

On Wednesday evening the Cleveland Browns traded running back Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts for a first round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. While we probably won’t know who came out the winner in this deal for a few years, I’m already calling it: this trade will haunt the Cleveland Browns for years.

Fantasy Football 2013: Ranking the top 50 running backs

The NFL has become a passing game. While that is a true statement, top running backs will rule the first few rounds of fantasy drafts as much as ever.

Early two-round 2013 Fantasy Football mock draft

Robert Griffin is this year’s Adrian Peterson scenario. In a world where nothing happens to his knee at the end of last season, Griffin is a first-round pick and arguably the first QB off the board.

But Griffin is coming off a knee injury. All the propaganda says Griffin is way, way ahead of schedule and will be good to go Week One. But the last time the Adidas hype machine pushed someone who sustained a serious knee injury in the playoffs, things did not work so well. Griffin could end up like Adrian Peterson and perform like nothing ever happen, or he could be like Derrick Rose and miss much of the season.

Obviously Griffin’s final fantasy draft position will hinge on his progress during camp. By mid-August the picture should be much clearer.

Fantasy Football Week 4 Thoughts on Cam Newton, Trent Richardson, Rob Gronkowski, and Chris Johnson (Again)

In Week 3, Cam Newton struggled in prime time; Trent Richardson couldn’t get going against the Bills; and Rob Gronkowski got bullied by Ray Lewis and the Ravens. And then, for the third straight week, there was a pitiful performance from Chris Johnson. Is it time to be concerned about any or all of these players?

Fantasy Football Week 3 Re-Rack: The New Top 24

How would you re-do your fantasy football draft two weeks into the season? Two new players break into our top-five overall.

Fantasy Football Week 2 Start em, Sit em Lineup Advice: Welker, Wells, Weeden, Beard-Offs, and More!

Should you be concerned about Wes Welker’s Week 1 struggles? Is Beanie Wells worth starting? Is Brandon Weeden an actual NFL quarterback? Answers to these questions and many more from Nicholas Gerlach.

Fantasy Football Week 1: Last Minute Start/Sit Advice

We are just hours away from the first regular season kickoff of the 2012 NFL season, and this is your friendly reminder to double check your fantasy football lineup before you make a horrible mistake that costs you a Week 1 victory. Here is my last minute advice for your fantasy roster.

Fantasy Football 2012: Running Back Rankings

It isn’t just the fact that the NFL is now geared towards the pass more than ever – it’s that running backs have become like starting pitchers in baseball, almost all basically now has what you amont to a pitch count. Here are the top 50 running backs.

NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Have Four Choices At #4 – Richardson, Blackmon, Tannehill, or Claiborne

Today let’s take a look at one specific draft slot that I think has a wide range of likely possibilities: #4 – The Cleveland Browns. The Browns could go offense with Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon, or Ryan Tanneheil, or they could add another terrific corner is Morris Claiborne.

Heisman Trophy Presention 2011: Preview, Prediction, Time, TV Info, and Finalist Highlights

Here is a quick preview of the 2011 Heisman Trophy Presentation, with everything you need to get prepped for a fun night of honoring five of college football’s best this year.

Heisman Trophy Predictions and Poll: RG3, Luck, Ball, Trent…or the Honey Badger?

With the Heisman to be announced Saturday night, let’s take a look at the five worthy candidates who will be in New York, plus the snub of a player with better numbers than his collegiate predecessors who actually won the Heisman trophy.