Tim Tebow Traded To New York Jets

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports a deal has been reached between the Denver Broncos and New York Jets for Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow And The Jacksonville Jaguars: A Logical Match

Tim Tebow is in a holding pattern waiting to see where he will inevitably be dealt. The team that continues to make the most sense is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tim Tebow: With Jaguars, Dolphins, Bucs, Jets, Eagles, Patriots, and Packers Being Mentioned…Where Will He Land?

This much we know, Tim Tebow is done in Denver. But where does he land? MSF’s Kurt Allen weighs the possibilities (and rules Wisconsin out of the picture).

Report: Peyton Manning To The Broncos; Denver Will Try To Trade Tim Tebow

According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Peyton Manning is heading to Denver.

NFL Rumors: Is Tim Tebow’s Future In Denver, In Jacksonville…Or In Canada?

If the handwriting was not on the wall before the NFL’s Silly Season began, it is now engraved and cemented in: Tim Tebow is not in the future plans for the Denver Broncos. So where might his future play out?

Peyton Manning Rumors: Will Peyton Play For The Dolphins, Cardinals, Chiefs, Broncos…Or Someone Else?

This post will help you sift through the Peyton Manning rumors and figure out which ones have legs and which ones are essentially just mud being thrown up against the wall.

Denver Broncos ‘Ultimate Franchise Player’ Selection

Kurt Allen has yet to choose a quarterback for a club’s Ultimate Franchise Player. Will John Elway break through the mold today or will Kurt reason that someone else has meant more to Denver than Big John?

Dr. Seuss Birthday Special: Seuss’s Unpublished Sports Book, Tim Tebow Reading “Green Eggs & Ham,” and Kevin Love Reading “The Cat in the Hat”

As any parent of a second-grader already knows, today is the birthday of Theodore Geisel, the man known to the world as Dr. Seuss. To celebrate his birthday, Josh Tinley tells the story of Seuss’ unpublished sports book and also provides videos of Tim Tebow and Kevin Love reading two of Suess’ classic books.

Jeremy Lin, Like Tim Tebow Before, Keeps ‘Lincredible’ Late-Game Heroics and Fan ‘Linterest’ Going

And, he does it again folks! He sinks three-pointer with .5-seconds left for the win. The Knicks came back in the 4th quarter Valentine’s Night behind their Linsational point guard phenom, who continues following the script written by Tim Tebow this past football season.

Jay Cutler Dominates: Listen up, Packers Fans. It’s not going to be all right. Jay Cutler won’t allow it.

Earlier in the week, fellow MSF writers and diehard Green Bay Packer fans, Amanda Lawson and Chris Calloway wrote an article to abate any sad feelings Packer fans might have had over their embarrassing loss to the New York Giants last weekend. All of their statements were signs of repressed acceptance that your favorite team sucks…and Jay Cutler dominates.

9 Perfectly-Timed Photo Examples Of Postgame NFL ‘Guy Love’

Quarterbacks and coaches meet midfield after every game to exhibit sportsmanship by congratulating eachother and wishing eachother luck moving forward. Sometimes pictures are taken of these moments that make it seem like a little bit more might be about to go on.

‘Tebow Mania’ Was Fun While it Lasted

Tebow Mania was alive and well during the past week, but it was seemingly a foregone conclusion that it would come to an end in Foxboro, and as it turned out, Saturday night was not one to remember for Tebow and the Broncos. But the season was far from a disappointment.

Denver Broncos-New England Patriots 5 P’s: Preview, Point Spread, Pick, Prediction, and Poll

Later this afternoon, Timmy Tebow takes on Tommy Brady in family battle of Son v Nephew. It’s been the most talked about game of the week; let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint. Here is all the basic info you need to know, what MSF’s writers have said about the game this week, and a poll so you can take your pick.

Denver Broncos at New England Patriots Preview and Prediction – NFL Playoffs Divisional Round

One of the most hyped games of this NFL season, thanks to a certain Mr. Tebow, will take place Saturday night in Foxboro. The Broncos, who are coming off a thrilling win over the Steelers, will take on the top seeded Patriots.

What If Tim Tebow Were a Muslim (Or Jew, Or Buddhist…)?

What if Tim Tebow were a religion different from Christianity, the most popular religion in the United States? Would he be getting the support and love he is receiving now from the sports world? Would he be as big a story?