Time for Tim Tebow to move to tight end?

Could Tim Tebow wind up becoming fantasy football’s most unique stories of 2013?

Tim Tebow: Ron Jaworski thinks Arena League is path back to NFL for QB

Former NFL starting quarterback and ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski believes that Tim Tebow’s path back to the NFL could go through the Arena Football League. The former Philadelphia Eagles signal-caller has offered Tebow a chance to join the Philadelphia Soul, an AFL team that he is part owner of.

Tim Tebow clears waivers, becomes a free agent

As was expected by virtually everyone, former New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has cleared waivers and is officially a free agent for the first time in his career. He can now sign with any NFL team, if he can find an interested party.

NFL Week 17 Spread Picks: 16 Games, 16 Takes

By December we have a pretty good idea on who is surging, and who is just playing out the string. This leaves us with one last glorious regular season NFL Sunday, with all 32 teams playing, and the best opportunity yet to put NFL Red Zone into overdrive. Here is my personal take on all 16 games…

The Top 7 BCS Bowl Games Ever … As Gangster Movies

The BCS takes a lot of deserved flak, so it’s easy to forget about all the exciting moments that it has actually delivered. So let’s focus on the positive and count down the top 7 BCS Bowl Games from the past 14 seasons, matching each one with a gangster movie that also delivered.

Is Tim Tebow The Answer For The Jets…At Running Back?

Just reading the headline, some of you may have just blown a gasket. How could I possibly suggest Tebow should be the starting RB or third down back?

3 Reasons Tim Tebow Should Start Over Mark Sanchez…NOW

Unfortunately for Tim Tebow haters, he is about to get pushed back into our lives again. It’s time the Jets let him sink or swim as a starting QB, because it’s clear Mark Sanchez is not the answer.

Monday Night Football Drinking Game Week 5: Houston Texans at New York Jets

I’m unreasonably excited for this week’s drinking game. Houston is undefeated and looks like a legitimate Super Bowl contender. And the Jets are stuck in such a state of suckiness that this drinking game could become an out-and-out catastrophe inside of 10 minutes.

NFL Preseason Week 4 TV Schedule and Storylines

The final week of the preseason has finally arrived, with three games tonight and the rest being played tomorrow. The best part? It is now only one week until the Cowboys and Giants open up the regular season … when meaningful football finally gets underway.

NFL Preseason Week 1 Schedule and Notable Storylines

The Saints defeated the Cardinals in the Hall of Fame Game this past Sunday, but the first full week of the preseason starts today. There will be sixteen games played from today until Monday, with six being played tonight.

Fantasy Football 2012: Quarterback Rankings

I do pre-season fantasy football pieces a little differently these days. There are plenty of rankings out there already, both on the newsstands and online. It is a well worn trail – the downside being that such analysis quickly becomes outdated as events occur during training camp and the pre-season. A player that one could […]

Another Excellent Gotye Parody: “Some QB That I Used To Know”

First it was “Some Kobe That I Used To Know” and now we have “Some QB That I Used To Know,” a Gotye parody that Colts fans especially should find enjoyable…and perhaps even a little sad.

New York Jets Will Remain The NFL’s Best Sitcom In 2012

While searching the great world wide web yesterday afternoon, Michael Scott saw a piece that made him just shake his head and laugh. He concluded that off-season or not, the New York Jets do what it takes to keep themselves amid NFL conversations.

Jay Cutler Dominates: A Modest Proposal For A ‘Jay Cutler Show’

If there’s a show about how awesome Tim Tebow is, like First Take on ESPN, why isn’t there one for how awesome Jay Cutler is?

Tim Tebow To The New York Jets A Disappointing Development

Tim Tebow belongs as a ‘starting’ quarterback. He deserves a shot. He’s earned the opportunity with a Heisman, national college championships, and a pro playoff win. Now that Tebow is a backup for the Jets, it feels like the country is getting cheated.