Top 10 memorable moments in U.S. Open history

With the 113th U.S. Open upon us this week at Merion Golf Club in Pennsylvania this week, it’s hard to narrow down over a century’s worth of golf into the ten most memorable moments. Here’s my attempt.

Kurt’s Angle: Racism again front and center in sports world…

Thankfully it only happens somewhat sporadically, but racism reared its ugly head in sports again this week.

It started with the Sergio Garcia versus Tiger Woods tiff, which began when the two were paired together during the third round of the Players Championship. The twosome accused each other of making distracting actions during swings. After play concluded, Garcia made a remark during the interview that Tiger “is not the nicest man on Tour.”

The media and rival competitors taking issue with the prickly personality of Tiger Woods is nothing new. And the spat between the two was actually considered in some ways good, because rivalry sells. To me, Sergio v. Tiger just seemed like a tiff straight out of NASCAR world that would go away quickly.

That was until an event this week in advance of a European Tour event. The emcee jokingly asked Garcia if he would have Tiger Woods over for dinner during the United States Open.

USGA bans anchored putting starting in 2016, but should it?

According to multiple reports, the United States Golf Association and the R&A (golf’s governing body) have agreed to ban the practice of anchoring a club while making a stroke, beginning Jan. 1, 2016.

Tiger Woods Inching Closer to Major Glory

He’s healthy, and he’s winning, currently leading the PGA Tour in wins this year with three. Yet people are still questioning Tiger Woods. Make no mistake: the new Tiger Woods is here, and he is getting closer and closer to getting major #15.

PGA Tour Off To Great Start in 2012 As Fans Have Something To Get Excited About

Just because golf and the PGA Tour will probably never break the threshold separating the first and second-tier sports leagues, it doesn’t mean it can’t continue to grow, evolve, and expand its place in the wide world of sports.

Did Tiger Woods ‘Jump The Shark’ This Weekend?

The answer, of course, is no. He didn’t. Still, I think the fact that I pondered this question on the way into work this morning is telling. Though it may be hard to articulate, I do think that Woods lost something more than just a tournament this weekend.

The Top 10 Masters Moments of All Time

With over 75 years of Masters tournaments, the sheer volume of memorable moments is staggering. Undeterred, Chris sifted through them all to come up with this top 10 list of the most memorable Masters moments of all time.

Is Tiger Woods Back?

Until Sunday, Tiger Woods had gone 132 weeks without winning a PGA Tour event, by far the longest drought of his career. Now that he is finally back to his winning ways, can we really say that Tiger Woods is…back?

2012 Masters Preview and Prediction: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Rory McIlroy Headline List Of Contenders

So what will the 2012 version bring us? Quite frankly, 2012 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting Masters in recent memory.

Keegan Bradley’s PGA Championship win is what makes golf great

Keegan Bradley is just as good for golf as Tiger Woods is right now. Granted, Bradley nor anyone else on the PGA Tour has the track record that Woods has, but that’s part of what made this weekend, and golf over the past few years, great.

Rory McIlroy’s U.S. Open Win Exhibits Golf’s New Era

Rory McIlroy captured the first major title of his young career on Sunday, and the way he won was where the real story lies. Setting records en route to winning the U.S. Open at the age of 22 accomplished the goal of making people forget about his collapse at Augusta.

US Open still good without him, but we’ll miss Tiger on Sunday

Chris Callaway watched a good chunk of the first round of the US Open, and initially couldn’t help but wish that Tiger Woods was in the tournament. However, the more he watched, the more he liked what he was seeing. And that will probably stay true…until Sunday.

Tiger Woods will not play in U.S. Open

The Tiger Woods tumble continues as the golfer will not play at the U.S. Open in two weekends, meaning one more chance to inch closer to Jack will go by the wayside.

Tiger Woods is the Modern Day Mickey Mantle

He was once Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, and Jack Nicklaus all rolled into one. Now, in the wake of yet another lost weekend, Tiger Woods seems like none of those sports icons; he seems decidedly like another: Mickey Mantle.

Masters Recap: Charl Schwartzel’s amazing Sunday, Tiger’s surge, and Rory’s fade

Even for the casual fans that do not watch most of the PGA Tour season, the Masters is a perfect storm and often a must-see. With myriad storylines emerging on Sunday, 2011 was certainly no exception.