Twelve Men On The Field? No Problem (For The Defense)

But something happened in the Super Bowl on Sunday that got Jon Washburn thinking. Is there another rule that is potentially much more crippling to the game than pass interference? Yes. Twelve men on the field.

Video: The Most Amazing 3 Seconds of Super Bowl 46 You Probably Missed

Seeing as how we are now some 15+ hours removed from the end of Super Bowl XLVI, and no one has really talked about anything else all morning, you might think you’ve seen and heard it all. But you’d be wrong.

Gisele’s Comments and Wilbur’s Words: The Dumbest Things That Happened After Super Bowl XLVI

Last night’s Super Bowl was terrific. Unfortunately, last night’s Super Bowl also featured something that is all too common in the aftermath of big, epic sporting events: dumb things. And here are the two dumbest, one from a writer and one from the supermodel wife of the game’s most visible star.

Image: The Last Play of Super Bowl 46

Fitting that Patriots tight end extraordinaire Rob Gronkowski comes up just a few feet short of winning the Super Bowl on this last second, hail mary pass in Super Bowl 46.

Ahmad Bradshaw’s Game-Winning Super Bowl TD: Iconic Image and Video

While Mario Manningham’s incredible 38-yard sideline catch was the best picture Super Bowl 46, this image of Ahmad Bradshaw’s 6-yard Super Bowl winning TD merits a close second place. This should-I-score-or-should-I-squat pose at the 1-yard line is a Super Bowl classic.

The 8 Best and 7 Worst Commercials From Super Bowl 46

The Super Bowl 46 commercials, as a whole, lacked some of the creativity that we have learned to look for in this annual night that is the championship night for Madison Avenue as well. The Sports Muse breaks down the 8 best and 7 worst commercials of Super Bowl Sunday 2012.

The Worst Part of a Great Super Bowl: $20 Popcorn

New York won 21-17, but New England had a Hail Mary pass into the end zone on the final play of the game. Can you ask for much more than that? But there was one part about Super Bowl 46 that wasn’t as great as it could have been.

Best Picture of Super Bowl 46: Mario Manningham’s Sideline Catch

My favorite picture so far from Super Bowl XLVI: Mario Manningham’s sideline catch, which will go down in Super Bowl lore as one of the greatest catches in the history of the Big Game.

Super Bowl MVP: Eli Manning

The MVP of Super Bowl XLVI is, predictably, Eli Manning. Eli was terrific: 30-40, 296 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, and he led the 4th quarter comeback drive that gave the Giants their 21-17 victory.

Video: Mario Manningham’s Catch In Super Bowl 46

In Super Bowl 42, it was David Tyree with his hands and helmet. In Super Bowl 46, it was Mario Manningham with his hands and feet, making a ridiculously awesome sideline catch that extended the game-winning drive for the Giants.

New York Giants Win Super Bowl 46 and Cover Point Spread

The New York Giants won Super Bowl 46 21-17 in what was an absolutely incredible game.

Super Bowl 46 Point Spread Update Between Giants-Patriots

Quick point spread and over-under update for Super Bowl 43.

Video: Tom Brady Safety First Scoring Play In Super Bowl 46

Tom Brady, on the Patriots’ first play from scrimmage, dropped back into his own end zone and fired it down the center of the field. The only problem is that no receivers were in the area. That’s a safety folks.

Kelly Clarkson Super Bowl National Anthem Time and Video

As soon as Kelly Clarkson sings tonight’s National Anthem at Super Bowl XLVI, we’ll post the video here and calculate the time it takes her to finish, so that all you prop bettors out there can see if you won. Until then, enjoy these videos of other Clarkson renditions of the Star-Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl.

Volkswagen Star Wars Super Bowl Commercial – ‘The Dog Strikes Back’

As our resident commercial expert, Keith has reviewed sports-related commercials here at MSF, and the Super Bowl is the ultimate in the marriage between advertising and sports.