John F. Kennedy’s five favorite sports

As the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy approaches, it seems an appropriate time to look back on his favorite sports.

How I fell in love with sports…again

Because of the generosity of Ball State alums Jason Whitlock, Brady Hoke and the athletic department, Ball State was able to send 240 students to Wednesday’s game against conference rival Northern Illinois. I happened to be one of the lucky 240.

I’ll Tell You This: Bold predictions for the 2013 season

Every year (as much as I love spring and summer) the days between February and August seem to take longer and longer to pass as we wait to see our favorite gladiators battle it out on the gridiron to make it to the biggest stage, in the greatest game known to man.

Sports or Music? The Importance of Both, The Need for One

There have been very few things that have meant more to me, and had as big as an impact in my life, as music and sports. So when Jerod asked me last week which one I would get rid of if I had to choose, it was a question that I couldn’t answer without it being personal.

Why The ‘Other’ Sports Get The Headlines During The Olympics

When I take a step back and look at myself, I think, “Why in the hell am I getting worked up over a missed obstacle in the kayaking competition?” The easy answer will always be, “Because it’s the Olympics!”

The Top 10 Sports Shows on ESPN

Zach Gropper counts down the top 10 shows on ESPN that cover sports news and analysis. Does your favorite make the cut?

What Is A Sport, Anyway?

Several months ago Josh Tinley asked, “What Is ‘Midwest,’ Anyway?” In the interest of continuing that analysis of the name of this website, he now wonders aloud, “What is a sport, anyway?” After talking through a few examples of controversial “is it a sport?” debates, you are asked for your opinion in our poll.

Dear NBA Fans: May I Introduce You To The NHL?

Distraught NBA fans can turn their attention towards college basketball or the NBA, but Tyler Juranovich is here to offer another alternative that is already close to the NBA than you may think: he is here to propose you to turn your NBA-missing eyes to the NHL.

Steps to Take When You Have a Tooth Knocked Out During a Sporting Activity

Having a tooth knocked out during a sporting activity can be a traumatic experience. However, following a few steps will increase your chances of saving your tooth.

Guns and the Sports World – Serious Problem or Just Another Topic of Sports Conversation?

Are the comments of support by Joey Porter for Plaxico Burress an example of the reason for the problem of guns, athletes, and sports? The troubles of Plaxico Burress have highlighted the issue of guns and sports. How serious is the issue?

Why I Love Sports and Athletes

Athletes perform on the biggest of stages and provide us with amazing theater of sports that we love.