Week 14 NFL Against The Spread: Contenders and Pretenders

Unlike the charade that will envelop college football this weekend, it is sheer wins and losses that will determine the NFL playoff field during the next four weeks.

There will be no 12-person committee sitting behind closed doors to determine who is worthy of championship contention. All division winners (even the NFC South) and two wild cards from each conference get in. Style points and who teams played will not matter.

Week 8 NFL Against The Spread: Raiders Chase ‘Perfection’

At least any talk about an undefeated season in the NFL ended early this year, as no team made it as far as 4-0.

But the Oakland Raiders still have a shot at going 0-16. I don’t see the excitement in it since the Detroit Lions pulled off the feat just six years ago.

Kurt’s Annual NFL Prediction Spectacular

Now that fantasy drafts have been completed (I think), I can get down to prognosticating the final win-loss records for all 32 NFL teams for 2014.

People continue to warn me against posting such predictions, since it only opens one up to ridicule come December.

All of this is true. But what is the fun of not making educated guesses and a writer putting his or her rear end on the line? Weather forecasters make a living off this daily.

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire: Key players to add for Week 3

The fantasy football waiver wire continues to build up as each week becomes increasingly important.

Winning now obviously saves you from headaches later and that can only occur by making key roster adjustments as the year moves onward. Everyone has a few, if not more, star players which isn’t much of an advantage. It’s the deeper rosters where everyone scores consistently that develop consistency.

2013 fantasy football rankings: quarterbacks

Fantasy freaking Football. That’s what Midwest Sports Fans founder Jerod Morris says each year as the calendar turns to July. Just two months before the NFL kicks off, this is definitely fantasy football season.

The NFL’s Historic Crop of New QBs in 2012 … Ranked 1-7

The NFL is entering its golden age in the midst of the best rookie quarterback crop ever. MSF rates all seven current starters, along with a ‘red-shirt’…

Fantasy Football Week 10 Waiver Wire Pickups & Advice

Do you own RGIII? How about Larry Fitzgerald? Has Percy Harvin’s injury left you without a WR for two weeks? Or maybe you have the worst fate of all for Week 10: you own mostly Packers. No matter what fantasy ailment you’re afflicted with this week, we can find a cure for you.

NFL Draft: Will Miami Dolphins Pick Ryan Tannehill at #8?

Today we are going to delve into whom the Miami Dolphins may select with the eighth overall selection. There is speculation that they may take inexperienced Ryan Tannehill and attempt to turn him into a franchise QB. Will they?

NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Have Four Choices At #4 – Richardson, Blackmon, Tannehill, or Claiborne

Today let’s take a look at one specific draft slot that I think has a wide range of likely possibilities: #4 – The Cleveland Browns. The Browns could go offense with Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon, or Ryan Tanneheil, or they could add another terrific corner is Morris Claiborne.

All Eyes Are On Junior Quarterbacks’ Decisions To Stay In College Or Leave Early For NFL

NFL general managers let out a sigh of disbelief on Thursday when Matt Barkley announced that he would remain at USC for his senior season. If other junior signal callers follow his lead, the landscape of the NFL will look a lot different for teams looking to select a quarterback.