13 Sports Rules In Need of Immediate Change

The challenge flag debacle in Detroit during Thanksgiving weekend got me thinking about other rules in sports that are outdated, ineffective, unfair, or just plain stupid. What follows is a list of the most egregious examples I could think of with help from my colleagues here at MSF.

Hey Referees and Umpires, How About Losing the Attitude?

The reality is that the officials in any sport are human, just like you or me, and just like the players competing. Mistakes are going to happen, and sometimes they are going to happen at the most inopportune times. A disturbing trend is emerging, however.

View from The Stripes: Pre-Snap and In-Play Responsibilities for NFL Officials

The first topic I will to address, here in my debut post on Midwest Sports Fans, is what each official is responsible for pre-snap and during the play.