Miami Heat fans should be ashamed for leaving Game 6 early

Miami Heat fans should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for leaving Game 6 of the 2012 NBA Finals early.

Can the Miami Heat be beaten in a seven game series?

Since LeBron James left Cleveland and headed to South Beach, the Miami Heat have become a powerhouse. Teams like the Chicago Bulls, Indiana Pacers and Boston Celtics have been able to frustrate King James and company at times, but aside from Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks defeating the Heat during the first year of the “Big […]

Ranking the best 3-point shooters in NBA history

Two weeks ago, Stephen Curry capped off an amazing season by hitting his 272nd 3-pointer of the year, breaking Ray Allen’s seven-year-old NBA record. His performance, combined with our hyperbolic here and now journalistic tendencies nearly caused a riot on the Internet. Since it was not merely good enough to proclaim that Curry is a great shooter – […]

On Ray Allen and Loyalty in Sports

Loyalty in sports is an often questioned topic. Should players stay in the town where they were made famous and where the fans backed them vociferously, or is playing for a team simply a business decision?

Heat Beat Celtics: Miami’s Three Survives While Boston’s ‘Big Three’ May Be Finished

The Heat avoided having to answer massive questions about the future of their biggest stars by beating the Celtics to reach the Finals. Now it is the Celtics who must answer pivotal questions about their core players heading into next season.

NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics Would Trade Paul Pierce

According to Ken Berger of CBS Sports, if the Boston Celtics can find a taker for Paul Pierce’s massive contract over the next two years, he could follow in Peyton Manning’s footsteps as a legend finishing his career in a weird jersey.

The 10 Best Sports Scenes in Movie History

With Moneyball nominated for 6 Academy Awards, this is a perfect time to take a look at the sports scenes in movies that were done remarkably well. Keith Mullett, MSF’s official Connoisseur of Sports Cinema, presents his 10 best sports movie scenes of all-time.

Eastern Conference Preview Part 2: ‘The Myths’ – Older Teams Will Struggle and the Indiana Pacers Will Be Good

In Part 2 of Jon Washburn’s three-part preview of the Eastern Conference, he delves into two myths that are being regurgitated time and again by fans and analysts alike as the 2011-12 season gets underway.

Top 20 NBA Ballers of My Lifetime

Evan Schwartz analyzes the NBA during his lifetime and comes up with his list of the 20 ballers he’s had the joy to watch play.

The Sky Hook, Dirk’s Fadeaway, and the Other Most Unstoppable Signature Moves in NBA History

There have been a few guys in history that had a go-to move that you just couldn’t stop – even when you knew it was coming. Jon Washburn breaks down the seven most unstoppable moves in the last 30 years of NBA basketball.

Which active players are locks for the Basketball Hall of Fame?

Now that the Playoffs are underway and everyone’s paying attention to the NBA, Josh Tinley is posing this question: Which active players, if their career were to end tomorrow, would be deserving of election to the Basketball Hall of Fame?

Who is the greatest shooter of all-time? Reggie first, then Ray

Jon Washburn knows what you’re thinking: that this is some kind of blind defense of the greatest player from his favorite team. It’s not. But he is convinced that Reggie Miller is the greatest shooter of all-time, over Ray Allen, and in this post he states his case.

NBA Finals Recap (Game 2): Jesus Shuttlesworth Goes Off

How would the Celtics recuperate from the Game 1 horrors? With a record shooting performance from Ray Allen and another playoff gem from Rajon Rondo.