NFL Suck For Luck Power Rankings Week 14: Rams Suck Edition

The Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma State should be a great final college showcase for Andrew Luck before the Indianapolis Colts make him the #1 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. With that in mind, let’s quickly count down the suckiest of the sucky in this week’s Suck For Luck Power Rankings.

NFL Power Rankings: Week One

It’s Power Rankings time! Doing weekly Power Rankings makes me almost as happy as Pete Carroll! See who moved up, who moved down, and who is standing pat after an exciting week 1.

NFL Power Rankings – Week 17: Requiem for an Undefeated Season

There is finally a new team atop MSF’s power rankings, and it is not the Colts nor the Saints. Philip Rivers and his Chargers have ridden a wave of momentum to the top after the Colts controversial loss to the Jets.

NFL Power Rankings Week 16: Colts Remain Unbeaten But Chargers Charging Not Far Behind

We know that the Colts are #1 in the Week 16 NFL Power Rankings, but do the Saints retain their #2 ranking? Does San Diego vault over Minnesota? Read and find out.

NFL Power Rankings Week 15: The Quest for Perfection

Not surprisingly, It’s the same two teams at the top this week, but the highlight of this week’s Power Rankings is a special mention for a team that may be nowhere near the Top 15, but that pulled off a season-salvaging win in Week 14. Yes, Cleveland rocks.

NFL Power Rankings Week 14: Saints, Colts Continue Dominance

The Saints and the Colts continue to stay unbeaten and continue to dominate the NFL Power Rankings. Did Minnesota’s Week 13 loss to the Cardinals cause any ripples in the top 5?

NFL Power Rankings: Week 13

Big MB reviews Week 12 and ranks the top 15 teams in this week’s Power Rankings. Once again, it’s no surprise who is at the top: the unbeaten Saints and Colts.

NFL Power Rankings: Week 12 (Shakira Edition)

Jerod replaces Big MB as the Power Ranker this week and actually provides sound reasoning behind his picks…but not without a few words of dissension from Big MB himself.

NFL Quarterback Power Rankings

With the two best QBs in the NFL set to face off this Sunday, Jerod takes a stab at MSF’s first ever NFL QB Power Rankings. Surprisingly, Derek Anderson did not make the top 10.

NFL Power Rankings: Week 9 (It’s Not Unusual to Have the Saints at #1…)

BigMB has posted his Week 9 NFL Power Rankings, and there is little surprise at the top. As Carlton Banks would no doubt agree, it’s not unusual to have the last two unbeated teams ranked 1st and 2nd.

NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

MSF’s Week 8 NFL Power Rankings have been released, and there has been shuffling at the top between the Colts and Saints, with the undefeated Broncos holding steady at #3.

NFL Power Rankings: Top 15 for Week 6

Another interesting week of NFL football and it’s time to see how the top 15 teams in the NFL stack up. It should come as no surprise that last week’s top two stayed in the same spots this weekend.

Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

Big MB checks in with his Week 5 NFL Power Rankings. A quick glance at the weekly rankings reveals something that no one who has read Big MB’s columns should be surprised by: the Colts are located right at the top.

Big MB’s NFL Power Rankings, Week 4

Big MB provides his Week 4 power rankings for the NFL. Ray Lewis and Baltimore have vaulted to the top, and the big question is whether or not the defending champion Steelers even made the list at 1-2.