What Does History Teach Us About NBA Players Who Immediately Become Coaches?

Tuesday the New York Knicks hired Derek Fisher as their head coach. Less than two weeks ago Fisher was the backup point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder. By hiring Fisher the Knicks became the second New York City basketball team in as many years to hire a player in his first year of retirement as a head coach. The Brooklyn Nets tapped 19-year pro Jason Kidd a year ago.

Cleveland Cavaliers, Mike Brown meet to discuss head coaching job

Remember a few years ago when the Cleveland Cavaliers decided that Mike Brown was not the guy to take their franchise to the next level and unceremoniously dumped him? Yeah, looks like they’re regretting that decision.

Phil Jackson, Meet Brett Favre…and Other Sports Observations This Weekend

I don’t know about you, but there were several sports-related events that I found interesting this weekend. Kind of a hodge-podge of different topics, mind you, but these events weren’t totally focused on scores and statistics. Let me list a few for you to consider.

Today’s Best: Anna Kournikova, Why Sitting is Killing You, and Video of a Hilarious High School Dunk by Rajon Rondo

In today’s edition, Anna Kournikova looks good while putting her house on the market, Bill Simmons breaks down Phil Jackson, an infographic breaks down why sitting is literally killing you, and a trip into the archive provides a hilarious high school drunk by Rajon Rondo. And a whole lot more.

The End Of A Dynasty

With the Lakers having been swept by the Dallas Mavericks, they lose more than just a shot at a three-peat. Their current dynasty is effectively over. But they have delivered an era of basketball that should not be forgotten.

NBA Playoffs Western Conference First Round Preview & Predictions: Spurs-Grizzlies, Lakers-Hornets, Mavericks-Blazers, Thunder-Nuggets

With the playoffs arriving, we can “expect amazing” from each and every series. But who will advance? And what is in store in each first round series? Devon’s got you covered with his complete Western Conference first round playoff previews and predictions.

2011 NBA Playoffs First Round TV Schedule

The 2011 NBA Playoffs are ready to go! Devon breaks down the TV schedule for each first round series, with games scheduled to be televised on ABC, ESPN, TNT, and NBA TV.

Phil Jackson – The GOAT or the LOAT?

Phil Jackson has won 11 rings, more than anyone else. He has also coached three of the greatest players in NBA history, all at their peaks. So is he the Greatest of All Time or the Luckiest of All Time? Sounds like the perfect time to have a sports debate.

Can the Lakers Take the Heat?

With the recent struggles of the Lakers, are we seeing just a minor bump in the road? Or is this something much more than it may seem?

The Sweet Repeat, brought to you by the Los Angeles Lakers

The 2009-10 NBA season, playoffs, and Finals are now all over; but now, we know who is officially on top: the Los Angeles Lakers.

NBA Finals Recap (Game 5): The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But…

Think Paul Pierce has lost a step or two? We all did, heck, we thought most of the Celtics did! But, did that prevent the Celtics from going up 3-2 on the Lakers? Heck no.

The Evolution of Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson is one of the most iconic sports figures of the last 25 years. Let’s take a pictorial journey through time and trace Jackson’s beginning as a skinny kid from North Dakota into the Zen Master of today.

Has any coach ever accomplished more while earning less respect than Mike Brown?

By the numbers, Mike Brown has an impressive resume that stacks up against some of the best in NBA history for a coach in his first five years. What he lacks at this stage in his young career, and perhaps rightfully so, is respect.

Tuesday Link Dump: Brett Favre is Different Than Us but Braylon Edwards is Just a Tool

The link dump is getting posted early today, as I have some non-sports blogging stuff to attend to this afternoon. Still, if Brett Favre decides to retire after lunch, I promise I’ll be ready with a quick post. And speaking of Brett Favre, want to know the top 10 differences between him and us? Click […]

Lakers-Nuggets Western Conference Finals Preview, Prediction, and TV Schedule

The Lakers have won 14 NBA Titles and entered the playoffs as the overwhelming favorite in the Western Conference. The Denver Nuggets have won zero titles in either the ABA or the NBA. Yet, many experts think the Nuggets have a great chance to win the series.

JRod offers up a preview and prediction, plus the full TV schedule and links to great deals on Lakers-Nuggets tickets.