49ers Can’t Allow Seahawks to Eat Turkey On Logo

It is one thing to be embarrassed by the Seattle Seahawks on your own turf before a national television audience, it is another realizing Colin Kaepernick has regressed as spectacularly as Robert Griffin III over the past two years. And it is quite another for the National Broadcasting Corporation to set up shop on your team’s midfield logo and have Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman eat turkey.

The 10 best position groups in the NFL

As OTAs are winding down for NFL teams we’re starting to get a better picture of what each roster will look like this fall. With that in mind, here our ranking of the 10 best position groups in the league. Some of them have been helped out by free agency and the draft, while others have been dominant for several years.

San Francisco 49ers Ultimate Franchise Player

We all know Montana, Rice, Young, and Lott. But there are many more greats over the years to sift through on the way to determining the 49ers best ever player.

Video: Patrick Willis ESPN E:60 segment tells story of one of the NFL’s most remarkable, impressive men

When I woke this morning, still beaming from last night’s 49ers win, I flipped on the TV and immediately saw Willis’ face as he described the harrowing details of growing up with his brothers and sisters in an abusive house with his drug-addicted father. You can’t not root for Willis. Watch if you haven’t see this and you’ll see why.