“The James Harrison Rule” – A Creative, Drastic Solution To The NFL’s Ongoing Injury Problem

Football is a violent sport, and when you have guys as big and as fast as NFL athletes, injuries will invariably follow. However, every year, injuries DO occur that could be avoided – especially when guys like James Harrison are involved. Here is a creative though drastic solution that could finally have the impact the NFL desires.

Adrian Peterson Injury Update: High Ankle Sprain, Status For Week 12 In Doubt

Fortunately, it sounds like Adrian Peterson avoided any serious damage to one of the appendages that helps him run all day. However, the latest injury update on Peterson suggests that his status for Week is likely to be doubtful.

Jay Cutler Injury: Broken Thumb, Surgery May End Season

Unfortunately for Bears fans, Jay Cutler’s season may well be over now that he will have to have surgery to repair a broken thumb.

Fantasy Football Week 6 Injury Report: Updates on BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Rashard Mendenhall, Daniel Thomas, and more

We have lots of injury updates heading into week 6 of the NFL season, including the latest on running backs Rashard Mendenhall, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, and Daniel Thomas, so let’s get to it.

NFL Week 15 Injury Updates

Jerod runs down every fantasy-relevant injury for Week 15. Among the players discussed: Aaron Rodgers, Matt Cassel, Austin Collie, Joseph Addai, Percy Harvin, and many more.

NFL Week 14 Injury Updates

Jerod updates you on every fantasy-relevant injury for Week 14. Among the names discussed: Steve Smith, Hakeem Nicks, Heath Miller, Brett Favre, Percy Harvin, and many more.

Fantasy Football Week 13 Injury Updates: Collie, Addai, Peterson, and many more

Jerod runs down the latest updates on all fantasy football-relevant Week 13 injuries. Among the names discussed: Adrian Peterson, Austin Collie, Joseph Addai, and many more.

Fantasy Football Week 10 Friday Injury Updates: Percy, Sidney, Lions & Colts, and many more

Jerod breaks down every fantasy-relevant injury for Week 10 of the fantasy football season. Among the names discussed: Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice, Jahvid Best, Andre Johnson, Steve Smith, Marshawn Lynch, Ryan Torain, Shaun Hill, and many more.

Fantasy Football Week 9 Friday Injury Updates: Collie, Hart, Brown, Driver, and more

Jerod provides the latest updates on every fantasy-relevant injury for Week 9 of the NFL season. Among the names: Austin Collie, Mike Hart, Donald Brown, Donald Driver, and many, many more.

Friday Injury Updates: Favre, Addai, Donald Brown, and more

Jerod provides the latest injury update for every relevant offensive player hobbled heading into Week 8. Included: Brett Favre, Joseph Addai, Donald Brown, the rest of the Colts, Carson Palmer, Jahvid Best, and more.

Indy Injury Updates: Dallas Clark, Joseph Addai Out Indefinitely

The latest injury updates from Indianapolis are that Dallas Clark will be sidelined for an indefinite amount of time with a hand/wrist injury, and Joseph Addai will also be out with an injured shoulder.

NFL Week 5 Injury Updates: Peyton Hillis, Austin Collie, Jahvid Best, Andre Johnson, and more

The latest Week 5 injury updates on Peyton Hillis, Andre Johnson, Austin Collie, Jahvid Best, and more.

Michael Vick Injury Update: Left Game in 1st Half

In the first half of today’s Eagles-Redskins game, Eagles QB Michael Vick was forced to leave the field with what appeared to be a rib injury.

Fantasy Football Week 4 Injury Updates: Steven Jackson, Jahvid Best, Cedric Benson

Jerod highlights a a few running backs dealing with injuries that could affect their Week 4 performance, including: Steven Jackson, Cedric Benson, and Jahvid Best.

Ray Rice Injury Update: Limited But Expects to Play

Ray Rice has also been one of the most disappointing fantasy football players so far in the early going of 2010. Will Rice a) play and b) have a good game against Pittsburgh on Sunday?