L.A. Kings Go From 8th Seed to Dominant, Memorable Champions

The Kings entered the league in 1968 during the first of many expansions by the NHL and have sat idly by watching other teams hoist the cup and call themselves champions. Now it’s Los Angeles’ turn to revel in that glory.

Stanley Cup Finals: Why You Should Want the L.A. Kings to Win the Stanley Cup

The 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs have been the most entertaining NHL playoffs in the past couple of years. Sadly, the beginning of the end starts this Wednesday as the Los Angeles take on the New Jersey Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Stanley Cup Finals Preview and Prediction: Los Angeles Kings v New Jersey Devils

The 2012 Stanley Cup is set to begin Wednesday May 30th between the eighth seeded Los Angeles Kings and the sixth seeded New Jersey Devils. It is one of the most unlikely matchups in years.

2012 NHL Playoffs: Round 1 Eastern Conference Previews & Predictions

Peter Stewart breaks down the Round 1 matchups in the Eastern Conference before giving you his prediction. Will there be any sweeps? Will the defending Stanley Cup Champs make it out of the first round?

NHL 2011-12 Season Preview and Predictions: Eastern Conference

As the resident Canadian of MSF, Pat Suley was born with a Rainman-like talent for projecting hockey results. So in a rare moment where he’s not completely focused on the MLB postseason, he has decided to tell you how I see this upcoming NHL season unfolding.