It’s time for Mike Scioscia to go

The Minnesota Twins fired manager Ron Gardenhire last week, leaving Los Angeles Angels manager Mike Scioscia as not just the longest-serving skipper in Major League Baseball, but by a landslide. After a first-round playoff debacle against the wild card Kansas City Royals — his team scored just eight runs in its last 52 innings — it’s long past time for the Angels to relieve Scioscia of his duties.

What is Albert Pujols thinking now?

Could Albert Pujols have been part of this postseason if he was still playing with the St. Louis Cardinals?

MLB Divisional Playoffs bring back fond betting memories

I lived seven-plus years in Reno, Nevada. Or, I should say, I survived seven years in Reno. I was there from 1996 to 2004.

Would Usain Bolt Ever Wear Braids?

Last night I was watching Johnny Cueto pitch to Andrew McCutchen in the National League wild card game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds and decided to write today’s column, asking, “Would Usain Bolt Ever Wear Braids?”

Cincinnati Reds: It’s past time for team to fire Dusty Baker

Loyal readers are cognizant that I don’t believe Dusty Baker is a quality baseball manager. In fact, I’ve written about it multiple times — though not recently. Following his second consecutive early postseason exit Tuesday night, it’s high time for the axe to fall in southwest Ohio.

Cincinnati Reds Up 2-0, Proving Prognosticators Wrong

Before the National League Divisional Series began between the Reds and Giants, various experts were picking the Giants to be a trendy World Series contender. After two games in the NLDS, it’s safe to say the Reds have proven a great deal of people wrong.

Call to the Bullpen MLB Podcast: In Praise of the Second Wild Card

If it weren’t for the second Wild Card spot, the National League playoff race would essentially be in the books and the AL races would not be nearly as interesting.

MLB Podcast: A Tale Of Two Wild Cards – Pros and Cons of MLB’s New Playoff Format

On the latest episode of the Call To The Bullpen MLB Podcast, Corey and I break down the MLB’s new two wild card playoff format, giving you the pros and the cons of the decision.

Report: MLB To Expand Playoffs This Year

Friend of the site Ken Rosenthal is reporting that Major League Baseball is, in fact, going to expand the playoffs; and it’s going to happen this year.

World Series Preview: St. Louis Cardinals v Texas Rangers Position-by-Position Analysis, Prediction, and Poll

Brewers fan Chris Callaway is setting aside his bias and spite to analyze the rival Cardinals and Texas Rangers in the 2011 World Series. Callaway goes position-by-position with his analysis and then offers his prediction.

NLCS Analysis: With Cardinals up 2-1, time for Brewers to panic?

After being a decent, but not a playoff-caliber team most the season, the Cardinals now seem to have that 2006 Championship feel. Could it possibly be “written in the stars”? Kurt gives you you several reasons he believes the Cards will be able to ultimately close the deal on Milwaukee.

Texas Rangers v Detroit Tigers ALCS Preview: Analysis, Prediction, TV Schedule, Pitching Matchups

Both of the teams in this year’s ALCS, the Rangers and the Tigers, are easy to get behind. One team advances, the other will have to spend the winter waiting for their next chance. The MLB postseason is down to its final four and these two teams could be matching up for a classic.

Milwaukee Brewers vs. St. Louis Cardinals Preview: Analysis, Prediction, TV Schedule, Pitching Matchups

If you would have told Chris Callaway after the Brewers swept St. Louis in June, that they would be facing the Cardinals with home-field advantage for the right to go to the World Series, he would have shotgunned a celebratory Old Milwaukee right there on the spot. But here we are in that very situation today.

Nyjer Morgan sends Brewers past D’Backs to set up NLCS featuring “the most intense rivalry in MLB”

The Milwaukee Brewers walk-off win against the Arizona Diamondbacks last night to move on to the NLCS may have been the greatest baseball moment Kurt Crowley has ever experienced. It also set up an NLCS matchup between the Brewers and Cardinals that features what Crowley calls “the most intense rivalry in MLB”.

MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast Episode 13 with guest Amanda Rykoff (sponsored by Generational Equity)

With the divisional round in full swing, and multiple series set to be decided with compelling Game 5 matchups, Amanda Rykoff of tries her hand at five of Ari’s most challenging trivia questions of the season before delving into series playoff talk.