12 must-watch Big Ten football games in 2013

You smell that? Yes that fragrance pouring in from the Midwestern skies is the smell of football. Grill smoke, beverages, leaves and the breeze are all just a bit more crisp.

Brandon Marshall’s Hate For Packers Shows That Rivalries Between NFC North Foes Are As Intense As Ever

Brandon Marshall, like so many before him including Dave Robinson, has feelings of intense hatred for his foes in the NFC North. There is just something special about these Midwest NFL rivalries that few others can match.

Top 5 Baseball Hall of Famers From The Midwest

The baseball Hall of Fame has enshrined 296 players, managers, executives and pioneers over its rich 76 year history, and many of those people have come directly from the Midwest. Here are five of the top Hall of Fame baseball players that were born right here in the Midwest.

The Mighty Midwest: We ain’t afraid of no coasts!

Not only does this shirt agree with Josh’s understanding of the Midwest as the Great Lakes plus the Great Plains, the slogan immediately makes this my new favorite shirt for espousing Midwest supremacy.

What Is “Midwest,” Anyway?

Josh Tinley had assumed that, for most Americans, “Midwest” meant the Great Lakes, the Rust Belt, the Big Ten, corn, and the American League Central. But after spending much of last week in Sacramento, he’s not so sure. So what does “Midwest” mean?

Let’s take a moment to recognize MSF’s new co-Editor: AJ Kaufman

Earlier this week I asked AJ Kaufman to take an even more active role in the site and become our first ever co-editor. He accepted, and MSF will be exponentially better for it.