Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles: Previewing Andy Reid’s Return to Philly in TNF Showdown

Andy Reid’s return to the City of Brotherly Love also includes another dual-threat quarterback in Alex Smith.

Although Smith’s mobility pales in comparison to that of Michael Vick, he’s arguably a better passer in terms of accuracy and decision-making. It’s also a matchup of two stellar ball-carriers in LeSean McCoy and Jamaal Charles.

2013 NFL Predictions: NFC East Preview

The NFC East remains one of pro football’s more evenly balanced divisions in the NFL.

No team has repeated as this division’s champion since the Philadelphia Eagles in 2003 and 2004. Plus all four teams have rotated at taking the NFC East in each of the past four seasons.

Philadelphia Eagles: Michael Vick, Nick Foles neck and neck in QB battle

Despite previous reports that Michael Vick had distanced himself from Nick Foles in the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback competition, it now appears the two are basically even for the starting job.

2013 fantasy football rankings: quarterbacks

Fantasy freaking Football. That’s what Midwest Sports Fans founder Jerod Morris says each year as the calendar turns to July. Just two months before the NFL kicks off, this is definitely fantasy football season.

Monday Night Football Drinking Game Week 12: Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles

This week’s MNF game features a putrid matchup between the 2-8 Panthers and the 3-7 Eagles. It will take copious amounts of alcohol just to make it through the game, so we have that advantage going in.

Eagles-Saints Monday Night Football Preview

One of the biggest games of the weekend will take place under the lights of Monday Night Football as two struggling teams look to right the ship and get their seasons back on track.

Andy Reid Enters Bye Week With 10 Weeks of Probation Ahead

The debacle that was the ‘Dream Team’ in 2011 pushed Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid closer to the unemployment line than ever before in his 13 seasons in the City of Brotherly Love. Through six weeks the Eagles are 3-3 and right on pace for Reid to be on the outs come January.

Michael Vick’s Fumble Problems Holding Eagles Back

There is a real fine line in the NFL. Football is referred to as a game of inches where one play made or missed in a 60 minute game can determine winners and losers. Through the opening month of the season the Philadelphia Eagles, quarterback Michael Vick especially, have been flirting dangerously with that line.

Sunday Night Football: New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles Preview and Prediction

Both the Giants and Eagles come into tonight’s game with records of 2-1, which puts them in a three-way tie at the top of the NFC East, along with the Dallas Cowboys. The Giants are coming into the game on a two-game win streak, while the Eagles recently lost to Arizona by the score of […]

The 5 Most Surreal Sports Stories of the Last 25 Years

Sometimes, what happens off the field seems to be more compelling than what happens on it…and the hardest to fathom. Which of these surreal off-the-field stories over the last 25 years have most affected American culture and been the most difficult to accept?

Fantasy Football 2012: Quarterback Rankings

I do pre-season fantasy football pieces a little differently these days. There are plenty of rankings out there already, both on the newsstands and online. It is a well worn trail – the downside being that such analysis quickly becomes outdated as events occur during training camp and the pre-season. A player that one could […]

The 8 Athletes Without Titles Who Now Have the Most Pressure To Win One

Now that LeBron has his championship, what athlete without a title has the most pressure to win one? I think the top spot is an easy one to fill in.

2012 Fantasy Football QBs: Must-Haves and Stay-Aways

Who are must-have quarterbacks to have on your team when your time is put on the clock? And who should you avoid at all costs? Let’s analyze.

Peyton Manning Rumors: Will Peyton Play For The Dolphins, Cardinals, Chiefs, Broncos…Or Someone Else?

This post will help you sift through the Peyton Manning rumors and figure out which ones have legs and which ones are essentially just mud being thrown up against the wall.

9 Perfectly-Timed Photo Examples Of Postgame NFL ‘Guy Love’

Quarterbacks and coaches meet midfield after every game to exhibit sportsmanship by congratulating eachother and wishing eachother luck moving forward. Sometimes pictures are taken of these moments that make it seem like a little bit more might be about to go on.