Horace Grant: James’ Heat couldn’t beat Jordan’s Bulls

The Miami Heat are four wins away from winning three straight NBA championships. But according to Horace Grant, LeBron James and his Heat teammates wouldn’t come close to matching Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls teams.

NBA Finals Game 7: Be careful what you wish for

The NBA is a copycat league, which is why it will be interesting to see the impact of Thursday night’s Game 7 of the NBA Finals on the future of the game.

Charlotte Bobcats to become Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Bobcats and owner Michael Jordan held a press conference on Tuesday announcing that the NBA’s youngest (and least successful) franchise will become the Charlotte Hornets.

Charlotte Bobcats fire Mike Dunlap after just one season

It’s fair to say the Charlotte Bobcats are a colossal mess, and that designation isn’t going to change any time soon. New broke on Tuesday that the franchise will part ways with head coach Mike Dunlap after just one season, throwing the team further into turmoil.

Breaking down Kobe Bryant’s historic 17th season

Before Kobe Bryant went down with a torn left Achilles on April 12th, he was enjoying one of the most historic and unprecedented seasons in NBA history. Now at 34 years of age, Kobe has spent half of his life playing professional basketball; he was just two games away from completing his 17th season when […]

Best 20 NCAA Basketball Title Games Ever

This weekend, for the 75th time, the NCAA will determine its National Champion in men’s basketball. Which of the previous 74 title games should be considered among the best and most memorable?

Michael Jordan Killed Basketball … And LeBron Is Saving It

Michael Jordan will always be the game’s most important basketball player. He left his lasting imprint on the game, and in so many ways ushered us into a new era. Still, he remains an outlier. LeBron James is taking the sport in a different direction — the right one.

Who Would Be The Participants In An All-Time NBA Slam Dunk Contest?

With so many high-flying, big-name hoopsters taking part in the dunk contest throughout its entertaining history, it begs the question, “who would be asked to perform in the Ultimate Slam Dunk Contest?”

As Kobe Bryant Passes Another Milestone, It’s Time To Stop Hatin’ and Start Appreciatin’

Your opinions of Michael Jordan are your own opinions. We are all free to think what we want. The problem is that in the process of defending MJ at all costs, many people have wound up criticizing Kobe Bryant to unfair and utterly ridiculous levels.

Fun With Facebook Recommended Pages: Michael Jordan versus God

I was just on Facebook conducting official work business (PROCRASTINATING) for a few minutes and happened to glance over to the right hand side of my feed. In the “Recommended Pages” section I saw this…and laughed.

Lebron, MJ, and How Basketball’s “Glory Days” Stack Up To Today

For one reason or another, we all innately want to believe that things were somehow better or tougher when we were younger. But were they…really?

Forget the Dream Team … Which Was The Best Bronze Medal-Winning USA Men’s Basketball Team?

The Internet and sports radio have been abuzz lately with current USA Men’s Basketball players claiming that they could beat the 1992 “Dream Team,” which is widely considered the greatest team ever assembled. Lost in all of this hubbub, however, is a debate that is much more fun and ridiculous: Which was the best bronze medal-winning USA Men’s Basketball team?

The Ultimate Dream Team: What Players From Team USA 2012 Would Have Made the Dream Team Roster?

After Kobe Bryant calmly stated that he thought this vintage of Team USA could beat the Dream Team, fans everywhere – plus MJ, Larry, and Charles – started to straight up lose their minds. It got Jon thinking … who would make the Ultimate Dream Team cut out of the 24 combined players involved in this discussion?

The Dream Team Would Dominate Team USA 2012, Right? Not So Fast…

The Dream Team is the greatest collection of basketball talent a team has ever assembled. However, our love for its players has caused us do overrate them on the basketball court. In fact, the Dream Team might not even beat Team USA 2012 if they could play in a fictional universe.

Kobe, Jordan, and a Matter of Perspective

I can’t believe that I have been dragged into this again…but after Jerod’s scathing post this morning, I thought it would be prudent to discuss Kobe and MJ one more time.