2014 NCAA Baseball Super Regional Preview

The carnage was historic. No less than five of eight national seeds, and an astounding nine of 16 regional hosts wound up being eliminated in the first weekend of the NCAA baseball tournament.

The final eight in Omaha will represent a complete turnover from 2013, only one school has a chance at return trip.

All told, four number two seeds, four three seeds and even a four seed have a chance of making college baseball’s ultimate show, to be televised somewhere on the ESPN dial where they will take second billing. Something about a soccer tournament they pay an enormous sum to televise.

Four Texas schools, three California schools, but incredibly no one from Florida. Still, the Super Regional showdowns feature a do-or-die feel not seen in Major League baseball until October. Here is a look at the eight matchups.

2014 MLB Draft: Ranking the top 25 prospects

The 2014 MLB Draft kicks off Thursday night at 7 p.m. Eastern on MLB Network. While baseball’s draft doesn’t get the kind of publicity of the NBA or NFL drafts, it is just as important to the future of the league.

With that in mind, here is a look at the top 25 prospects available in this year’s draft, with detailed scouting reports for each player.