How many NFL teams would trade their current QB for Cam Newton right now?

This is a question Jerod has been thinking about a lot over the past several weeks, as he, like everyone else, continues to be more and more impressed (and surprised) by how well Cam Newton is transitioning to the NFL in his first season. Jerod offers his thoughts on the matter and invites you to share yours.

Fantasy Football Week 7 Stock Report: Cutler, Hardesty, Murray UP; MJD, McGahee, Lloyd DOWN

Week 7 of the fantasy football season will featured a number of newcomer QBs who have been thrust into starting roles. Though you shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for Christian Ponder to make headlines in Minnesota, we’ve got other names to know (like Jay Cutler) for you in this week’s Stock Report.

Fantasy Football Week 7 Start em Sit em Advice: Consensus Top 10 Start/Sit Picks

During weeks such as this one, when so many teams rich in fantasy talent are on bye, start/sit advice is its most valuable, and as always we have you covered here at MSF. Here are the consensus top 10 start/sit picks as compiled by, plus links to the rest of our Week 7 analysis.

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons Analysis and Prediction – Sunday Night Football Preview

There are two undefeated teams left in the NFL heading into Week 5, and both are in the NFC North. The Packers and the Lions are those two teams, and Green Bay will attempt to keep their perfect record alive this Sunday night in Atlanta.

Fantasy Football Week 5 Start Em, Sit Em: Start/Sit Picks, Player Projections, and Week 5 Lineup Advice

Will the Saints’ obsessive blitzing prove to be Cam Newton’s kryptonite? Is Joseph Addai really a better start option than Rashard Mendenhall? And should you really consider sitting Tom Brady this week? All of these fantasy football questions and more are answered in Jon Washburn’s Week 5 Start/Sit column.

Fantasy Football Week 3 Injury Updates: Peyton Hillis, Tony Romo, Beanie Wells, and many more

Let’s take a look at the fantasy football-relevant injuries going into week 3, including Peyton Hillis, Tony Romo, and Beanie Wells.

Fantasy Football Week 3 Start Em, Sit Em Advice, Player Projections, and Lineup Q&A

Week Three is here, and hopefully you aren’t 0-2. Don’t worry, it’s still not panic time…but it very well could be time to shake some things up. As always, let’s recap last week’s predictions before looking ahead to the start em, sit em projections at each position for Week 3.

Fantasy Football Week 2 Thanks and Shanks

The goal of this new weekly feature, called “Thanks and Shanks” and to be published every Monday morning, is to make Jerod, Jon, Andy, Zach, Drew, and anyone else who offers fantasy football advice here at MSF even more accountable by encouraging readers to sound off about the good and the not-so-good advice they received.

Fantasy Football Week 2 Start Em, Sit Em Lineup Advice, Projections, and Roster Q&A

Jon Washburn provides his weekly breakdown of the players you need to sit and start for Week 2 of the fantasy football season. Included are projections of his picks, plus roster and lineup Q&A in the comment section.

Fantasy Football Stock Report for Week 2: Flacco, Hillis UP; Ryan, Charles DOWN (and many more)

If there is one thing to know prior to Week 2 it is that you shouldn’t be excited one way or another about one specific game; but that doesn’t mean rest on your laurels. Fantasy football owners must be bold and we have some bold stock reports just for you.

Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons: Sunday Night Football Preview and Prediction

The second Sunday Night game of the year features a storyline that may have been relevant a few years ago, but not as much in the present day (at least not as much as the media is making it out to be): Michael Vick returning to Atlanta to take on the Falcons.

Atlanta Falcons vs Chicago Bears Preview and Prediction

Both the Atlanta Falcons and the Chicago Bears had their 2010 seasons ended by the Green Bay Packers, but what they each did afterwards was very, very different. Sunday they meet up in Chicago, and Tyler is not optimistic that the Bears can get off on the right foot in 2011.

Fantasy Football Week 1 Start Em, Sit Em Lineup Advice, Player Projections, and Roster Q&A

Who should you start and who should you sit in Week 1 of the NFL and fantasy football seasons? MSF has you covered with Week 1 start em, sit em lineup advice, player projections, and roster Q&A.

All 32 Week One NFL Starting QBs…as Michael Jackson Songs

Enjoy this homage to Jerod’s favorite musician of all time as we kick off our coverage of the 2011 NFL season. Here are all 32 Week One starting QBs in the NFL…as Michael Jackson songs.

Fantasy Football Tips Sheet: Overrated and Underrated Players

In Jerod’s first Fantasy Football Tips Sheet he reiterates his QB strategy for 2011, highlights five players who are being generally overrated and five players being generally underrated, and provides a quick note about auction drafts.