The top 10 trophies in all of sports

Here’s our list of the 10 greatest trophies in the sporting world. They’re all not a “trophy” in the most literal sense, but they all fall into the dictionary definition of a trophy being “something gained or given in victory or conquest.”

Is Tiger Woods Back?

Until Sunday, Tiger Woods had gone 132 weeks without winning a PGA Tour event, by far the longest drought of his career. Now that he is finally back to his winning ways, can we really say that Tiger Woods is…back?

Masters Golf Tournament Goes Nuclear

With the news this week of two new nuclear reactors to be built in Augusta, Georgia, the Masters Tournament’s golf holes could get new nicknames.

Masters Recap: Charl Schwartzel’s amazing Sunday, Tiger’s surge, and Rory’s fade

Even for the casual fans that do not watch most of the PGA Tour season, the Masters is a perfect storm and often a must-see. With myriad storylines emerging on Sunday, 2011 was certainly no exception.

Masters Odds and Pick: Tiger, Phil, Ernie, or…Retief?

The Masters is a big enough deal as is, but when the world’s No.1 player returns after a five-month scandal, you can bet that The Masters will be the most-watched tournament in recent memory, if not, in history.

Expected Return of Tiger Will Make 2010 Masters the Most Hyped Golf Tournament Ever

Many signs now suggest that Tiger Woods will play in the 2010 Masters. We list out the top 5 reasons why it looks likely that Tiger will play in this year’s Masters, and also state the obvious: Tiger’s return will make this year’s Masters the most hyped golf tournament ever.

Everything Tiger Woods Says Now Deserves a Wait-and-See Reaction

In the immediate aftermath of Tiger Woods’ announcement that he will be taking a leave of absence from golf, too many people seem to be taking his words at face value when a wait-and-see approach is much more deserved.

Reliving The Greatest Moments in Masters History with Jack and Tiger

In this post, relive some of the greatest moments in Masters golf tournament history with video of the 1997 victory by Tiger Woods, Tiger’s amazing chip shot in 2005, and the incredible birdie at 17 by Jack Nicklaus in 1986.

(Photo credit: David Cannon, Getty Images)