Five must-watch college football games in Week 1

Since it’s been more than six months since we’ve last seen action on the college football gridiron, any game on television will be welcomed into your home. But not all football games will carry the same weight in the opening week as others. Usually the first few weeks of the season are pretty dull, but a couple of intriguing matchups have people thirsty for the season to get underway.

The 28 Funniest Gatorade Baths of All-Time

While the sentimental among us enjoy the Gatorade bath because it symbolizes the triumph of a team of men on the field of athletic battle and the ultimate moment of shared jubilation and respect between coach and player, I enjoy Gatorade baths for a far different reason. Pictures and videos of them can be laugh-lout-loud hilarious.

Alabama-LSU Rematch Should Decide BCS National Championship Regardless of What Happens This Weekend

If the BCS is supposed to pit the two best teams in the nation against each other in the national championship game, then this year, it will have worked if LSU and Alabama end up meeting to decide the BCS National Championship.

Gregg Doyel highlights a huge problem in college football: over-signing

I’m a big fan of Gregg Doyel, and his latest column, about the deplorable practice of college football coaches over-signing, nails it.

Les Miles Breaks News: Oil Spill Affects…THE OCEAN!!!

Yesterday, good ol’ Les Miles added to his ever-expanding litany of Joe Biden moments when asked for his thoughts on how the oil spill is affecting the Gulf region where he and his Tigers call home.