What Does History Teach Us About NBA Players Who Immediately Become Coaches?

Tuesday the New York Knicks hired Derek Fisher as their head coach. Less than two weeks ago Fisher was the backup point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder. By hiring Fisher the Knicks became the second New York City basketball team in as many years to hire a player in his first year of retirement as a head coach. The Brooklyn Nets tapped 19-year pro Jason Kidd a year ago.

David Ortiz ready to match Boston legends Tom Brady and Larry Bird

If the Boston Red Sox win the 2013 World Series, David Ortiz is almost a sure bet to be named the series’ MVP. And with good reason. So far in this year’s edition of the Fall Classic, the man known as Big Papi has 11 hits in 15 at bats for a ridiculous batting average of .733.

Ortiz has never been the World Series MVP before, but if he took home the award this season, along with bringing home his third World Series title, he’d certainly be mentioned among the all-time great athletes in Boston history.

NBA Finals Game 7: Be careful what you wish for

The NBA is a copycat league, which is why it will be interesting to see the impact of Thursday night’s Game 7 of the NBA Finals on the future of the game.

Ranking the best 3-point shooters in NBA history

Two weeks ago, Stephen Curry capped off an amazing season by hitting his 272nd 3-pointer of the year, breaking Ray Allen’s seven-year-old NBA record. His performance, combined with our hyperbolic here and now journalistic tendencies nearly caused a riot on the Internet. Since it was not merely good enough to proclaim that Curry is a great shooter – […]

Best 20 NCAA Basketball Title Games Ever

This weekend, for the 75th time, the NCAA will determine its National Champion in men’s basketball. Which of the previous 74 title games should be considered among the best and most memorable?

The Dream Team Would Dominate Team USA 2012, Right? Not So Fast…

The Dream Team is the greatest collection of basketball talent a team has ever assembled. However, our love for its players has caused us do overrate them on the basketball court. In fact, the Dream Team might not even beat Team USA 2012 if they could play in a fictional universe.

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade lead Miami Heat to 115-83 blowout of Indiana Pacers

It appears as if the Miami Heat have figured out how to play without Chris Bosh. Just when the Pacers might have to learn to play without two of their players.

14 Other Songs As Irresistibly Fun As ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’ by The Darkness

Inspired by the Super Bowl XLVI reemergence of “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” here are 14 other songs that have similarly always captured the rhythm of my heart.

The 10 Best (And 3 Worst) Super Bowl Commercials of All-Time

Everyone knows that the Super Bowl has the largest television audience each year. With stakes so high, it seems worthy to take a look back at some of the best, and a few of the worst, commercials that have ever paid those premium dollars for a coveted Super Bowl slot.

Dr. Twitch’s Top 20 NBA Players of All-Time (including his shocking and ‘sacrilegious’ top 3)

Keeping with our recent theme, this post details the thoughts of Jon Washburnon the top 20 NBA players ever. Dr. Twitch has the most unique top 3 of anyone who submitted a list, which is why we asked him to provide a detailed description of his top 20. And boy did he. Enjoy.

In Larry We Trust

As is often the case when a team goes through hard times, fans begin looking for problems that sometimes don’t exist. Over the past six or seven years, Pacers fans have started to believe something that is simply NOT true: Larry Legend is an awful GM.

March Madness 2011: 10 Matchups I Hope To See Happen

One of the most entertaining activities to engage in with a fresh, new bracket is to see all the possible matchups that could reasonably (or unreasonably) materialize. In this post, I run down 10 matchups that I really hope to see happen.

Top 10 Greatest Moments in Lakers-Celtics Rivalry History

With the world’s greatest rivalry of all-time coming into full view yet again, we take a look back at the stars, and their greatest moments that brought this rivalry into a historical perspective.

7 Memorable Moments of Goofy Whiteness

Inspired by the Butler and Cornell, Jerod kicks off a new regular MSF feature by highlighting 7 of the most historic and infamous examples of white people doing what they do best: being goofy…and white.

Jason Kapono Looks to Join Legendary Short List of Three-Point Shootout Three-Peaters in the Heidi Klum of All-Star Weekend Contests

For slow, dorky, white guys like JRod, the Three Point Shootout is the highlight of NBA All-Star Weekend. The annual Shootout is being held tonight, and Jason Kapono has a chance to etch his name alongside three-point immortals Larry Bird and Craig Hodges if he can capture his third consecutive Three Point Shootout crown. Check out the preview and take a trip down memory lane with a listing of the past champions.