The Greek Freak blows up? A hypothetical NBA midseason tournament

This week NBA Commissioner Adam Silver floated the idea of a mid-season single-elimination NBA Tournament.

What is not to like about that idea?

Report: Kyrie Irving made pitch to LeBron James

LeBron James is in the middle of making what could be the biggest decision of his professional life right now. Most experts believe the NBA’s top free agent is deciding between returning to the Miami Heat and going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. This week he reportedly got a pitch from an important source.

Kawhi Leonard Did Not Win ROY But May Yet Prove To Be NBA’s Most Valuable Rookie

How do you play starting swingman/small forward on the best team in the NBA and not get more consideration for Rookie of the Year? The vote for this year’s ROY proves it’s just a political exercise to try and make stars.

Some Optimism In 2012 For Cavaliers Fans (Not To Be Confused With “Fans Of Cavaliers”)

The Cleveland Cavaliers will not be sniffing the playoffs for yet another season in the post-LeBron era. However, not all has been lost in Cleveland this year as it was last year.

Video: Danilo Gallinari Defends Fast Break By Hanging On Rim

Rather than try to stop a 2-on-1 fast break, Danilo Gallinari did the only logical thing: he swung from the rim like a second grader on the monkey bars.

Video: Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving Heroics Among Four NBA Game-Winning Shots Last Night

March Madness is a monicker typically applied only to college basketball, but last night there was certainly some March Madness – or perhaps March Magic – going on in the NBA, thanks to Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving, and others.

Kyrie Irving Is The Best Rookie In The NBA

Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers have only played twelve games this season, but he has cemented himself as the favorite to win Rookie of the Year. He has helped turn around a Cavs team that only won 19 games a season ago, and he has done so in spectacular fashion.

How old is Kyrie Irving? 12?

A FOX Sports slide declaring the Cavs “losers” for their NBA draft haul was accompanied by this pic, and I swear that my split second, knee-jerk reaction to seeing it was, “Who the hell is the middle schooler on the left?”

The Cavs should, and will, draft Kyrie Irving

The NBA Draft has finally arrived and the speculation about who the Cavs will take at #1 will finally be put to rest tonight. The masses believe that it will be Kyrie Irving, and as a Cavs fan myself I hope that they are correct.

NBA Draft Lottery: Playoffs for the Non-Playoff Teams

The NBA lottery is tonight at 8:30, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have two spots in the lottery. This is the closest thing to the playoffs for us fans in Cleveland besides the joy of watching the Heat lose. This is also the playoffs for the other 14 teams* who did not get into the real playoffs this year.

With NBA Lockout Looming, College Players Face Tough Decision

The NBA’s collective bargaining agreement is expiring after the season, and the owners and players have not made any progress recently in trying to agree to a new CBA. This presents a quandary for current college players.