Lakers expect Kobe Bryant back before the All-Star break

Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni says he expects star guard Kobe Bryant to play before the NBA’s All-Star break that is scheduled from February 14-16.

Mike D’Antoni tells Lakers fans to find another team if discouraged

Mike D'Antoni

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni has had a rocky relationship with the media and the team’s fans during his time with the franchise. He didn’t do anything to fix that after a road loss on Monday night.

25 championship records of superstar athletes

A player really establishes himself as an all-time great when he is competing for championships.
As sports are dominated by a handful of teams, the players associated with those teams begin to ascend the rankings among their peers and stand out in the sports world.

Dwight Howard: Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant to be part of Lakers pitch to big man

Dwight Howard

Free agent big man Dwight Howard has already met with the Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Hawks, and he’s scheduled to meet with the Dallas Mavericks early Tuesday morning. But the Los Angeles Lakers will get the final word with Howard and they are planning to bring out the heavy hitters.

Breaking down Kobe Bryant’s historic 17th season

Before Kobe Bryant went down with a torn left Achilles on April 12th, he was enjoying one of the most historic and unprecedented seasons in NBA history. Now at 34 years of age, Kobe has spent half of his life playing professional basketball; he was just two games away from completing his 17th season when […]

Images: Kobe Blocks LeBron Twice in All-Star Game


Sunday night’s high-octane, high-scoring All-Star game just wouldn’t have lived up to its name if there wasn’t a little Kobe versus LeBron action.

As Kobe Bryant Passes Another Milestone, It’s Time To Stop Hatin’ and Start Appreciatin’


Your opinions of Michael Jordan are your own opinions. We are all free to think what we want. The problem is that in the process of defending MJ at all costs, many people have wound up criticizing Kobe Bryant to unfair and utterly ridiculous levels.

NBA on Christmas Day: TV Schedule and Best Player Matchups

Need we say more about these two? Credit:

ABC and ESPN are bringing us a great NBA on Christmas Day slate of action starting at noon and going late into the night.

NBA Christmas Day Schedule … and NBA Superstars Singing ‘Jingle Bells’

nba christmas

Before we get to the NBA’s Christmas Day schedule for 2012, a quick little something for anyone who might at all be struggling to get into the Christmas spirit.

L.A. Lakers, Galaxy Come Together for TWC Deal


Television contracts are the main source of income for any pro sports team. In Los Angeles, two of the most popular teams are being matched together for broadcast purposes.

Dwight Howard to the Lakers: Good or Bad for the NBA?

Surprised? Just like Wilt, Kareem, and Shaq...the Lakers got the superstar they wanted. (Image source: Here)

Finally. The long, tiring saga of Dwight Howard’s inevitable exit from Orlando has ended. He is heading to L.A. to put on the Lakers uniform. Is this a net positive or negative for the league?

Wednesday Olympic Preview: What to Watch, TV Listings, and Medals Awarded

No one dominates like Misty and Kerri. (Associated Press photo)

Here’s a recap of yesterday’s excellent day for the American teams, plus a look at today’s TV schedule and a list of medals that will be awarded today.

Forget the Dream Team … Which Was The Best Bronze Medal-Winning USA Men’s Basketball Team?

AP Photo - credit to

The Internet and sports radio have been abuzz lately with current USA Men’s Basketball players claiming that they could beat the 1992 “Dream Team,” which is widely considered the greatest team ever assembled. Lost in all of this hubbub, however, is a debate that is much more fun and ridiculous: Which was the best bronze medal-winning USA Men’s Basketball team?

The Ultimate Dream Team: What Players From Team USA 2012 Would Have Made the Dream Team Roster?


After Kobe Bryant calmly stated that he thought this vintage of Team USA could beat the Dream Team, fans everywhere – plus MJ, Larry, and Charles – started to straight up lose their minds. It got Jon thinking … who would make the Ultimate Dream Team cut out of the 24 combined players involved in this discussion?

Shocker: L.A. Lakers Trade For Steve Nash, Sending Bevy of Draft Picks to Phoenix Suns


In a shocking move, the Lakers have landed Phoenix PG Steve Nash in a trade. The Suns will get the Lakers’ 2013 and 2015 first-round draft picks and their 2014 and 2015 second-round selections. The Lakers also paid the Suns $3 million to facilitate the trade.