The Greek Freak blows up? A hypothetical NBA midseason tournament

This week NBA Commissioner Adam Silver floated the idea of a mid-season single-elimination NBA Tournament.

What is not to like about that idea?

Dominoes Falling After LeBron James Makes Decision

In case you’ve been under a rock so far today, LeBron James announced he is heading back home to rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers. As soon as that news broke, all the major free agency dominoes began to fall. What follows is a quick roundup of what we know so far.

Minnesota Timberwolves: Flip Saunders in, David Kahn out as team president

On Thursday night, Flip Saunders confirmed that he has signed a long-term contract to become the president of basketball operations for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Saunders will also hold a minority ownership stake in the team.

The Ultimate Dream Team: What Players From Team USA 2012 Would Have Made the Dream Team Roster?

After Kobe Bryant calmly stated that he thought this vintage of Team USA could beat the Dream Team, fans everywhere – plus MJ, Larry, and Charles – started to straight up lose their minds. It got Jon thinking … who would make the Ultimate Dream Team cut out of the 24 combined players involved in this discussion?

NBA’s Top 16 Franchise Players: Who Would You Build a Team Around?

In honor of the NBA Playoffs being in full swing, with 16 teams still standing, here are my top 16 players to build a franchise around going forward.

NBA Trade Rumors: Hey Oklahoma City Thunder and Minnesota Timbervoles, Listen Up…Here’s An Idea

Over the past two years, there have probably been 1,000 trade ideas involving Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Most of them are bupkus (especially Westbrook for Rondo) but could the Thunder and the Minnesota Timberwolves actually work out a blockbuster that helps both sides?

Dr. Seuss Birthday Special: Seuss’s Unpublished Sports Book, Tim Tebow Reading “Green Eggs & Ham,” and Kevin Love Reading “The Cat in the Hat”

As any parent of a second-grader already knows, today is the birthday of Theodore Geisel, the man known to the world as Dr. Seuss. To celebrate his birthday, Josh Tinley tells the story of Seuss’ unpublished sports book and also provides videos of Tim Tebow and Kevin Love reading two of Suess’ classic books.

NBA 3-Point Contest Preview: Field of Participants, Start Time, TV, and Poll

This year’s field for the 3-Point Content is an interesting mix of veterans and young guys, and not all of them are your prototypical swing-man knock down shooters. Here’s a little bit more on the information for tonight’s contest and some information on the guys in the field.

The 25 Best Players in the NBA Right Now

It doesn’t matter which NBA player has the most future potential or the most championship rings or who they currently play with. Nothing matters but this: Who are the best players, right now, in the NBA. Jon counts them down from 25 to 1.

Athletes unfiltered: Kevin Love’s candid thoughts on Ricky Rubio

Word broke yesterday that Spanish point guard sensation Ricky Rubio had finally agreed to terms to come play in the U.S. for the Minnesota Timberwolves. After hearing the news, T-Wolves star Kevin Love tweeted this, essentially summing up what everyone was thinking.

Kevin Love’s Historic Night

Kevin Love killed it against the Knicks! He dropped 31 points and rebounded the ball 31 times. Numbers of a legend. Check it out!