Kevin Durant and Matt Kemp are young stars who break the mold

One of the oldest stereotypes in the book is that of the “dumb jock,” or the idea of the macho male athlete who is self-centered and boastful whenever he gets the chance to be. In professional sports, the term “greedy” is thrown into that stereotype.

Kevin Durant hasn’t won an NBA championship yet, but he will

Ask almost anyone to count off the best active basketball players in the world and Kevin Durant’s name will be mentioned in their first breath. Many of those same people, however, will tell you that Durant doesn’t have the killer instinct to single-handedly lead his team to an NBA championship. Some of those people will […]

NBA Christmas Day Schedule … and NBA Superstars Singing ‘Jingle Bells’

Before we get to the NBA’s Christmas Day schedule for 2012, a quick little something for anyone who might at all be struggling to get into the Christmas spirit.

James Harden Trade Puts Chemistry Ultimate Test

“Wow.” With that simple tweet, Kevin Durant told us everything we needed to know about the trade that shocked the basketball landscape last night. James Harden was dealt to the Rockets, and it will now put basketball chemistry to the ultimate test.

The Ultimate Dream Team: What Players From Team USA 2012 Would Have Made the Dream Team Roster?

After Kobe Bryant calmly stated that he thought this vintage of Team USA could beat the Dream Team, fans everywhere – plus MJ, Larry, and Charles – started to straight up lose their minds. It got Jon thinking … who would make the Ultimate Dream Team cut out of the 24 combined players involved in this discussion?

2007 NBA Draft Retrospective Report Card: One Super-Duper Star … And Too Many Busts

It is only fair to let some time pass before assessing whether players did or did not pan out with their new teams. Five years seems like a good amount of time to dole out NBA Draft grades that actually mean something.

The 8 Athletes Without Titles Who Now Have the Most Pressure To Win One

Now that LeBron has his championship, what athlete without a title has the most pressure to win one? I think the top spot is an easy one to fill in.

More Mature LeBron James Now One Win Away From Finally Earning His Crown

Tonight we all may witness the long-anticipated coronation of a basketball king. Jerod, for one, is rooting for it to happen because this is a unique sports opportunity to take part in a truly transcendent talent realizing his vast potential while ascending to the apex of his sport.

With Heat-Thunder Finals Knotted at 1-1, Who Has The Edge Heading Into Game 3?

The Miami Heat have successfully stolen back home court advantage, so that gives them the “edge” heading into game three, right? Most times, I would say yes, but in this situation I am not so sure.

Thunder-Heat Is The Most Appealing NBA Finals Matchup Since…

The Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat are the NBA’s ultimate versions of a “hero” and a “villain.” While both teams have talent and the concept of a “big three,” that is where the similarities end.

MSF’s Official NBA Finals 2012 Playlist (and Preview)

Jerod felt like creating a new playlist and had yet to file an NBA Finals preview or prediction, so he decided to do both in one fun post.

NBA Finals Preview and Prediction: Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder

The NBA Finals tips of Tuesday night as the Miami Heat travel to Oklahoma City to take on the Thunder. The series features plenty of young star power on two teams that beat older, more experienced teams in the Conference Finals.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Picking OKC Over Miami in the NBA Finals

The OKC Thunder bandwagon is filling up quickly, for reasons legitimate (they are deeper and bigger) and dubious (they are more likeable). However, if you really want to pick the winner of this series, there are three important questions that must be answered.

LeBron James May Not ‘Deserve’ NBA Title, But He and His Talents Have Earned My Rooting Favor

Not many non-Heat fans are rooting for LeBron James to win his first NBA title over Kevin Durant and the popular Oklahoma City Thunder. But Jerod is, and in this post he explains why.

With Great Finals Matchup Set, It’s Time To Appreciate the State of the NBA Game

The 2012 NBA Playoffs have been a blast to watch, but these last couple of months have not been just another post season; they’ve been something much more special than that.