Badgers Enact Revenge, End Kentucky’s Bid For Perfection

  On a wild Saturday night in Indianapolis, the Wisconsin Badgers earned a victory that’s significance rivals that of any other in program history. The Badgers brought down previously unbeaten Kentucky 71-64 in a Final Four rematch at Lucas Oil Stadium, which not only ended the Wildcats’ quest for perfection, but also sent Wisconsin into […]

John Calipari misses out on big bonus with loss to UConn

If you think you’re having a bad day, it’s nothing compared to John Calipari’s on Monday. Not only did the wormiest coach in all of sports lose college basketball’s national championship game, he also missed out on a $375,000 bonus he would have gotten for winning the title. Ouch.

2013-14 College Basketball Regular Season Awards

As March Madness closes in, let’s take a look back at the best (and worst) the 2013-14 regular season of college hoops had to offer.

2013 NBA Draft: Alex Len now favored to be No. 1 pick?

For months the assumption has been that Kentucky center Nerlens Noel would be the No. 1 pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. When the Cleveland Cavaliers won the lottery, that assumption was further solidified, given the team’s need of another post presence. But as we creep towards Thursday night’s draft, it has become apparent that the Cavs are exploring other options with the top pick, and now there may be a new favorite.

A Relatively New IU Fan Dissects the Indiana-Kentucky Rivalry

Die-hard Hoosier basketball fans are raised with a burning passion of hatred against the university’s main rivals, Purdue and Kentucky. So what happens when you’re all but forced to root for one of your rival’s main contributors?

The end of Kentucky-Indiana raises questions, eyebrows

After months of behind-the-scenes bickering over how they would continue one of the best series in college basketball, Kentucky and Indiana have called it quits.

Kentucky-Kansas Championship Game Running Diary

Kansas fan Drew Lange provides a window into his National Championship Game viewing experience with this Kentucky-Kansas running diary.

Kansas-Kentucky Commentary: I’m Rooting For Kansas…But Find It Strangely Hard To Hate These Wildcats

As easy as my rooting interest in tonight’s game was to determine as soon as the matchup was set, I have to admit something that I never really thought I’d be admitting: I find it strangely hard to hate these Kentucky Wildcats.

Kentucky-Kansas National Championship Game Preview: Analysis, Prediction, TV Tip Time, and Point Spread

Here is a quick rundown of the viewing information for the title game between the Kentucky Wildcats and the Kansas Jayhawks.

The 10 Most Talented Final Four Teams of All Time

Since the “college team versus a pro team” is almost never logical, but has some merit once the Kentucky versus Charlotte Bobcats matchups are considered, does this make Kentucky the most talented Final Four team of all time? Let’s not get too hasty.

Final Four Preview Podcast: Louisville-Kentucky, Kansas-Ohio State Breakdown and National Championship Game Prediction

In episode #29 of The Bottoms Line College Basketball Podcast, our final March Madness edition, Andy is joined by Raphielle Johnson of to preview this weekend’s Final Four.

The 10 Most Intriguing ‘What ifs…?’ In College Hoops History

What if Hank Gathers hadn’t tragically passed away? What if Gordon Hayward’s shot had rimmed IN? What if LeBron had gone to college? We count down the 10 most intriguing ‘What ifs…?” in college basketball history.

Kentucky-Louisville: All-Time Record And A Quick Recap Of The Rivalry’s History

In advance of the Kentucky-Louisville showdown in the Final Four, Andy Bottoms looks back at the series history between the two schools, which isn’t as extensive as you might assume.

What if…Kentucky had beaten Texas Western in 1966?

Texas Western’s victory over Kentucky in 1966 was an important watershed moment in sports in this country, but it had much greater impact on America than just basketball. What if it didn’t happen? What if Kentucky had won?

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Deserves Praise, Not Mockery, As He Battles Stutter In Public View

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist getting mocked for struggling to speak is the sports world at its absolute worst. He should be unequivocally celebrated instead.