John Calipari misses out on big bonus with loss to UConn

If you think you’re having a bad day, it’s nothing compared to John Calipari’s on Monday. Not only did the wormiest coach in all of sports lose college basketball’s national championship game, he also missed out on a $375,000 bonus he would have gotten for winning the title. Ouch.

2013-14 College Basketball Regular Season Awards

As March Madness closes in, let’s take a look back at the best (and worst) the 2013-14 regular season of college hoops had to offer.

Top Recruit BeeJay Anya Gaining Reasons to Commit to Hoosiers

With commitment time starting to quickly approach, IU seems to have many factors that could convince 6’9 big man BeeJay Anya to choose Bloomington as his college destination.

A Relatively New IU Fan Dissects the Indiana-Kentucky Rivalry

Die-hard Hoosier basketball fans are raised with a burning passion of hatred against the university’s main rivals, Purdue and Kentucky. So what happens when you’re all but forced to root for one of your rival’s main contributors?

I Don’t Like John Calipari … But This May Be The Best Sports Tweet of All Time

As an Indiana fan, I naturally loathe John Calipari. But as a fan of effective and savvy use of social media, I have to give Coach Cal props for sending out quite possibly the best tweet ever by a college basketball coach.

The end of Kentucky-Indiana raises questions, eyebrows

After months of behind-the-scenes bickering over how they would continue one of the best series in college basketball, Kentucky and Indiana have called it quits.

Kansas-Kentucky Commentary: I’m Rooting For Kansas…But Find It Strangely Hard To Hate These Wildcats

As easy as my rooting interest in tonight’s game was to determine as soon as the matchup was set, I have to admit something that I never really thought I’d be admitting: I find it strangely hard to hate these Kentucky Wildcats.

Rick Pitino v John Calipari: The History of the Rivalry

Today, Andy looks at the two biggest stars of Saturday’s Final Four matchup: the coaches – Rick Pitino and John Calipari.

Kentucky-Louisville: All-Time Record And A Quick Recap Of The Rivalry’s History

In advance of the Kentucky-Louisville showdown in the Final Four, Andy Bottoms looks back at the series history between the two schools, which isn’t as extensive as you might assume.

Kentucky-Iowa State Preview: Analysis, Prediction, Date and TV Tip Time, Point Spread, and Tickets

In this post, we preview the South Region’s second round matchup between #1 overall seed Kentucky and the #8 seed out of the Big 12, Fred Hoiberg’s Iowa State Cyclones.

Kentucky-Western Kentucky Preview: Analysis, Prediction, Date and TV Tip Time, Point Spread, and Tickets

In this post, we preview the South Region’s 1-16 matchup between tournament favorite Kentucky and the comeback kids from Western Kentucky.

John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins show why drafting one-and-dones is often accompanied by growing pains

While I fully agree with their right to leave college after one year and go to the NBA, or even just go straight from high school, I will give you two one-and-dones that I have examined lately that are concerning.

What College Basketball Program Should Each Locked-Out NBA Fan Base Adopt for the 2011-12 Season?

With the lockout continuing to drag on, NBA fans need to direct their basketball-starved attention one level down to the college game. Here is a guide for which college basketball team each should follow based on his or her NBA allegiance.

Sweet 16 Preview: Ohio State v Kentucky – 3 Things the ‘Cats Must Do To Knock Off the Buckeyes

No Sweet 16 matchup is as compelling as Ohio State-Kentucky. Jerod breaks down Ohio State’s two losses this season and what those losses tell us Kentucky needs to do to pull off the upset on Friday.

LeBron-to-Bulls and LeBron-Calipari Rumors Pick Up Steam

And so it continues. More reports are surfacing that LeBron James and John Calipari are being shopped as a package deal by the infamous Worldwide Wes. Plus, why Chicago still looks like a good possibility to land LeBron.