Joe Paterno’s Statue Must Come Down

If Penn State University has any courage, any character, or any integrity, the statue of Joe Paterno outside of Beaver Stadium will be brought down and put away, never to be seen again.

Guilty Verdicts in Jerry Sandusky Trial Ensure Justice Prevails Even if Peace of Mind Never Will

Seven months after the scandal that shook the nation first erupted at Penn State, a verdict in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse trial has been reached. The verdict: Guilty. Guilty on 45 of 48 counts to be more specific.

Joe Paterno: Simply the Greatest

Zach Rastall urges football fans to evaluate JoePa’s entire life’s body of work, not just the tumultuous final two months. He was quite simply the greatest coach in the history of college football and influenced countless amounts of people throughout his life.

Remember Joe Paterno For What He Was: A Legend and A Leader in the Game of College Football

Yesterday featured two fantastic NFL games, but January 22, 2012 will be remembered as the day that the world of sports lost a legend. Joe Paterno, arguably the greatest coach in sports history, passed away at the age of 85 from complications related to lung cancer.

Penn State-Nebraska Preview: Point Spread, Analysis, Poll, and Prediction

The Big Ten Game of the Week this week takes place in State College, PA, with Nebraska coming into a town has been turned upside down to face an emotional Penn State team that has dealt with a week of unprecedented distractions.

Mark Madden drops rumor that Sandusky’s Second Mile being investigated for “pimping out young boys to rich donors”

Earlier this morning, Mark Madden dropped a bomb of a rumor about the Jerry Sandusky scandal that, if you can believe it, would make an already stomach turning and angering story 100x worse.

Joe Paterno: No longer college football’s “Immortal”

I was all ready for bed; then I saw the front page of, and the spectacular juxtaposition of images jarred me to the point of one more post. I’ll just let the screenshot below speak for itself before I comment:

Perspective: “Having Been In Joe Paterno’s Shoes…”

I did not write this post; my business partner Derick Schaefer did, with the following preface: “Personally, I don’t care about the Penn State circus. Rightfully so, those responsible will go to jail and those who didn’t do enough will see their careers ruined. However, since the attention is high, I do feel the right message could inspire others to do the right thing.”

Should Penn State cancel or move Saturday’s game against Nebraska? (It bears asking again.)

Tonight, in light of Joe Paterno’s firing and reports of unruly mobs in State College, I want to reiterate a question I asked yesterday but with an important distinction: Should Penn State cancel or move Saturday’s game against Nebraska?

Away From the Action Podcast: The Sandusky Scandal, the Fighting Sioux Nickname Controversy, and More

In this episode of the Away From the Action Podcast, Josh Tinley talk to Drew Lange about the Jerry Sandusky scandal and how much blame should fall on Joe Paterno, the North Dakota Fighting Sioux nickname controversy and recent actions taken by North Dakota’s governor and legislature, the BCS, the FCS playoff experience, and much more.

Joe Paterno releases statement announcing retirement at season’s end, wish that he “had done more”

The events continue to develop in State College, Pennsylvania. Via @Ben_Jones88 and Michelle Steele, Joe Paterno has released the following statement:

Video: Penn State student addresses his peers and makes the point that many of them seem to be missing

In everything I personally have seen or read about this situation, and specifically regarding how Penn State students are handling it, nothing has been more compelling than this video of a Penn State student addressing his peers.

Amazing Image: For Joe Paterno, it’s come to this…

According to Ben Jones, the Penn State football reporter for, this was the scene outside of Joe Paterno’s house just at 5:15 CT today. For the man who was once college football’s most revered of legends, it has come to this.

Should Penn State cancel or postpone this Saturday’s home game against Nebraska? [Poll]

Let see preface this entire post by saying that I don’t know what my own answer is to the question I’m posing: should Penn State cancel this Saturday’s home game against Nebraska? But I think it’s one job of the blogger to provide a forum for relevant discussions not being had elsewhere, and whether the answer is “yes” or “no” I certainly think this question is relevant.

Football Preview: Penn State at Ohio State | Can Joe Paterno Buck Losing Trend

#3 Penn State travels to Columbus this Saturday for a showdown with #8 Ohio State for control of the Big Ten.