Super Bowl XLIX Is Tom Brady’s Crowning Achievement

Regardless of what happened Sunday night in Glendale, Tom Brady was going to go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. But after helping spark the biggest fourth-quarter comeback in Super Bowl history, Brady now finds himself on equal footing with childhood idol Joe Montana in the annals of NFL history. […]

Top 10 football games played at Candlestick Park

Barring a home playoff game, one of the NFL’s more venerable venues closed its doors Monday night with the final regular season game at Candlestick Park.

A much maligned venue (especially for the baseball Giants) over its history, Candlestick has staged some of pro football’s most memorable games over it’s 43-year history.

NFL Ultimate Franchise Player Tourney field unveiled!!

With only 64 spots, it takes much more than a yellow jacket from Canton to make the cut, especially as an at-large entrant. Even if I were to expand the field to 128 I would be honestly still be leaving a lot of all-time greats out. Only if I were to expand to 256 I would be covering most whom are currently enshrined in Canton.

As an at-large, it would take an RPI number of about 50 or lower to realistically make the list. As is the case with the NCAA Tournament, the number 15 and 16 seeds comprise of players who would not be on the list if not being given the crown as their team’s UFP. Three of the 15 seeds would rank borderline top-100 while the 16s are ranked between 230 and 300 per Pro Football Reference.

As might be expected, quarterbacks have by far the greatest representation – comprising nearly 25 percent of the field, eight of the automatic bids and 15 players from the position overall. 19 of the overall bids and 35 players overall are from the skill positions. In all, 39 players are on offense, 25 on the defensive side of the ball.

San Francisco 49ers Ultimate Franchise Player

We all know Montana, Rice, Young, and Lott. But there are many more greats over the years to sift through on the way to determining the 49ers best ever player.

All 54 (Soon To Be 56) Starting Super Bowl Quarterbacks Ranked

On Super Bowl Sunday, Colin Kaepernick and Joe Flacco will become the 55th and 56th quarterbacks to start at the ultimate position in sports on the ultimate stage in all of American sports. But how do the previous 54 rank?

Super Bowl Quarterbacks Special: Every Super Bowl QB Matchup Ranked 1-46

This year’s Super Bowl quarterbacks are Tom Brady and Eli Manning, and with their four combined rings, it is a great one. In fact, it’s perhaps one of the most highly anticipated QB matchups in Super Bowl history. But where does it rank all time? Chris Callaway has an answer. (Hint: it’s top 10.)

The 13 Best Super Bowl Plays of All-Time

The Sports Muse presents the Super Bowl’s “truly elite” plays, the top 2/10 of 1% of all plays ever run in a Super Bowl. The cream of the crop, the top of the heap, the best 13 plays in the history of the Super Bowl.

Tim Tebow Double Standard masks this reality: his start compares favorably with that of numerous Hall of Fame QBs

Jon Washburn feels completely different about Tim Tebow’s start than most others. He disagrees with what the media is trying to sell you. In his opinion, the Denver Broncos have gotten what they paid for with Tim Tebow…and frankly, it has been mostly good.

Matt Barkley Hype and Hyperbole Machine Adds New Cog in Stewart Mandel of

Well, the Matt Barkley hype machine just keeps chugging along, gaining new cogs seemingly with every passing day.

Less than 48 hours after talked about Barkley in their Heisman Watch, has Barkley on the front page of their site, comparing him to perhaps the greatest quarterback of all-time.

The pre-achievement hype and hyperbole, it seems, shall not be slowed down.