Minnesota Twins: Joe Mauer lands on disabled list with concussion

The Minnesota Twins are having another disappointing season and things just got much worse. Joe Mauer, the face of the Twins franchise, was diagnosed with a concussion on Tuesday and has landed on the disabled list as a result.

The Top 10 No. 1 picks in MLB Draft history

In baseball, unlike almost every other professional sport, the likelihood that the No. 1 overall pick is going to turn into a perennial All-Star and franchise player is quite small. In fact, none of the players drafted first overall have ever been inducted into the Baseball Hall of  Fame, and they have earned just six […]

Fantasy Baseball 2012 Strategy and Advice: Breaking Down in Tiers – Catchers

Jim McGrew begins his fantasy baseball series where he categorizes players into tiers: elite, valuable, solid, and at your own risk. Today we look at catchers.

Fantasy Baseball Strategy: Catchers – Who’s #1? Whose Stock Is Rising/Falling? Can Joe Mauer Rebound?

As you prepare for your fantasy baseball 2012 drafts, get prepped at the catcher position by finding out who should go #1, whose stock is up or down, and whether or not to expect a rebound season from Joe Mauer.

Fantasy Baseball Hitting Planner for Week of August 29th, 2011

Hopefully everyone reading this week’s Hitting Planner is still sitting pretty for the post season. As always: read, digest, and set your lineups accordingly.

Fantasy Baseball Weekly Hitting Planner: Week of July 25th, 2011

In this post, Jay McClain looks past this weekend and into next week to give you a head start on the hitters you should be targeting on waivers and starting/sitting in your lineups.

Fantasy Baseball Hitting Planner for Week of July 18th, 2011

The All-Star break is over and the second half of baseball is underway. Hopefully you are refreshed and ready to go because the season is drawing closer to its end every single day and the winner of your league is soon to be determined.

Beginning Baseball: Mystery SOLVED – Why Women Swoon Over Joe Mauer

Last night, while watching her first Twins game on TV, Amanda Lawson solved the mystery of why women swoon over Joe Mauer. Gentlemen, pay attention. This is good for you to understand.

We’ve located Amanda Lawson’s dream date, and his shirtless body is truly divine

I am currently efforting to find out this man’s name and phone number so that I can provide it to Amanda, who surely will be begging him for a date.

Beginning Baseball: Is Joe Mauer Worth the Extra Buck?

Joe Mauer is back on the field, but after signing an eight-year contract extension with the Twins (worth $184 million) in May of 2010, chatter has developed about whether the organization invested their money wisely.

Beginning Baseball: The Value of a Player and the Twins’ Joe Mauer Conundrum

The value of a player is based on more than just physical skill. Player value in baseball also has a lot to do with a player’s skills relative to his position. And it can be a complicated issue for supreme talents like Joe Mauer, as the Twins are learning.

Beginning Baseball: It’s Not Football–It’s BASEBALL!

Football has been Amanda Lawson’s “thing” since the beginning of her memory. However, it’s a completely different sport from baseball. Differentiating between the two is easily the biggest challenge she is having with baseball for two reasons.

Only 11 Games In, and the Twins are Killing Me

We are only 11 games into the 2011 season and the Minnesota Twins have already turned Drew into Bill Simmons.

Three-Peat for Minnesota Twins Will Be Hard to Achieve

The Minnesota Twins come into the 2011 season with a lot of expectations, and there are plenty of good reasons for these expectations. This year could prove to be different however.

MLB 2011 Predictions: AL Central — White Sox should have what it takes to supplant Twins

Who will come out on top in what has historically been one of baseball’s most competitive divisions? Can the Twins repeat? Will the reloaded White Sox reclaim the throne? Can the Tigers rebound from last year’s disappointment?