Photo Story: “Player/Coach” starring Peyton Manning and Jim Irsay with special guest Jim Tressel

Jim Tressel’s name has been bandied about as the next Colts head coach, but why not Peyton Manning as player/coach? As absurd as the idea sounds (and is), is it any more absurd than Manning attempting to operate under the ultra-conservative direction of Tressel? These thoughts, and a few choice photos of lovably eccentric Colts owner Jim Irsay, coalesced into our latest photo story.

The 28 Funniest Gatorade Baths of All-Time

While the sentimental among us enjoy the Gatorade bath because it symbolizes the triumph of a team of men on the field of athletic battle and the ultimate moment of shared jubilation and respect between coach and player, I enjoy Gatorade baths for a far different reason. Pictures and videos of them can be laugh-lout-loud hilarious.

Ohio State Receives Fair Punishment By NCAA

On Tuesday, the NCAA rendered their decision surrounding the Ohio State football program almost a year after their investigation began about the rule violations that had occurred under former head coach Jim Tressel. Ohio State got a harsh penalty but with their history of breaking the rules they received the proper punishment.

Suspensions of Jim Tressel and Terrelle Pryor are Smart Moves by NFL

Before being picked by the Oakland Raiders, Terrelle Pryor was suspended for the first six weeks of the season and . Yesterday, it was announced that Jim Tressel would similarly miss games during the first part of the season. This is good and a trend that needs to continue.

Away From the Action Podcast: Matt Baxendell on Jim Tressel, the NHL, and More

Josh Tinley talks with Matt Baxendell of 790 The Zone in Atlanta, National Football Authority, and Bax. who played hockey for Ohio State, gives his take on Jim Tressel, the future of Ohio State football, the Thrashers’ move to Winnipeg, and Beavis and Butt-Head’s return.


Jonathan Washburn takes an in-depth, well researched look at the age old and now exceedingly relevant question of whether it is time for NCAA athletes to start seeing some of the massive financial pie. The key to this argument is the idea of exploitation.

Video: VESTOCCHIO! – The Jim Tressel Saga Meets the Classic Children’s Film Pinnochio

Well you knew something like this was coming. Michigan fans have beaten down by Jim Tressel and their rivals to the south for an entire decade, and now the time for exacting revenge is nigh. This vid is as cleverly perfect a visual representation of Tressel’s trouble in Columns as I can imagine.

Terrelle Pryor leaving Ohio State; Buckeye fans rejoice

It was announced yesterday that Terrelle Pryor has decided to leave Ohio State before the start of his senior season. Speaking for nearly all of OSU fans, Steve Kubitza says “don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

Jim Tressel article by George Dohrmann and Indiana/A-Hope piece by Mike Fish are contrasts in quality and conviction

The last week has been explosive for two high profile Big Ten athletic programs: Indiana basketball and Ohio State football. Andy Bottoms saw a contrast in the quality of the reporting as well as the conviction of each writer in the aftermath of their recently published stories.

George Dohrmann’s much anticpated article on Jim Tressel

If you were on Twitter yesterday, you undoubtedly saw the incessant talk and anticipation regarding George Dohrmann’s article about Jim Tressel for It was rumored that new allegations in the article were what hastened Tressel’s resignation on Monday.

Breaking News: Jim Tressel resigns as Ohio State head coach

Nothing like dropping earth-shattering sports news on a holiday. Just saw this tweet from friend of MSF Glenn Moore of The Dugout Sports Show: “According to Columbus Dispatch, Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel has resigned.”

Buckeye fan defends embattled, but not defeated, Jim Tressel

Are there further measures the NCAA could rule against the Buckeye football program? Yes, of course. But will Tressel be fired this year? Doubtful.

Jim Tressel Could Be On His Way Out Of Columbus

The newest allegations against Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel just add to an already very severe situation for Tressel and the Buckeye football program, and one Wisconsin fan’s personal opinion of him has greatly changed in the past few months.

Today’s Best: Brittany Snow, Tressel in Trouble, Baby Laughing at Half Speed, and the Morgan Freeman Chain of Command

In today’s edition, Brittany Snow says hello, you get to LOL at a baby LOL’ing at half speed, vultures continue to circle Jim Tressel in Columbus, Mickael Pietrus shows off his goofy side, and the Internet regales you with the “Morgan Freeman Chain of Command.”

Jim Tressel suspension should be extended, so says self-proclaimed “Buck Nut”

Please give “Buck Nut” KVB a little time here as he starts out as an obnoxious Buckeye fan but tries to gain some perspective so as to offer a reasonable opinion on what the suspension for Coach Tressel should be and why.