A little Love for frustrated sports fans everywhere

With so many disappointing and/or despicable stories currently making headlines in the sports world, it’s a pretty tough time to be a sports fan, which is why I’ve decided to take a few minutes to brighten up every sports fan’s day with a little bit of Love on this Tuesday afternoon.

Today’s Best: Jennifer Love Hewitt Breaks It Off, Drew Magary Breaks It Down, and a Rapping Milwaukee Brewers Fan Breaks Your Ears

In today’s edition, Jennifer Love Hewitt gives me hope with news of her latest breakup, Drew Magary breaks down the lesson that this year’s graduates really need to learn, and a Milwaukee Brewers fan decides to rap about his love for the Brew Crew…but fails miserably (or spectacularly, depending on your perspective).

Today’s Best: Jennifer Love Hewitt, John Amaechi, Jackie Robinson, and so much more

In today’s edition, presented with eye candy by Jennifer Love Hewitt, you get: a link to a must-read op-ed by John Amaechi; find out why Dr. Suess wrote “Green Eggs and Ham”; and, two videos that remarkable visual images but for completely different reasons.