Oakland A’s: Anatomy of a Collapse

The Oakland A’s have suffered an incredible collapse since peaking in early August. Here’s a look at what has happened.

Who has baseball’s best starting rotation after trade deadline?

Baseball’s 2014 trade deadline has come and gone and several top-line starting pitchers have swapped uniforms. The MLB arms race has gotten intense and now four teams have what have to be considered far and away the best starting rotations in baseball. The question is: who has the best collection of starting pitchers after the deadline?

Projected Rosters for 2014 MLB All-Star Game

I made my personal selections for the Major League Baseball All-Star Game starters earlier this week.

Now it is time for projecting the entire rosters to be announced at 7 p.m. ET Sunday, including the Final Vote candidates and possible injury replacements.

Jeff Samardzija’s winless streak broke records but it’s finally over

Monday, May 26th, 2014. The date will live in Chicago Cubs history as the day the team didn’t suck enough to blow a 8-4 lead against the San Francisco Giants, and gave starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija his first victory in 16 starts.

Did You Realize … 2013 Fantasy Sleepers Edition (Pitchers)

In this week’s “Did Your Realize,” we take a look at a group of under-appreciated and/or relatively unknown pitchers who are poised for breakout years in 2013. Keep these guys in mind next March as some of the players who will likely be undervalued in next year’s fantasy drafts.

‘Bootstraps the Bussie’ thinks Jeff Samardzija is NOT a Role Model

Things haven’t exactly gone according to plan for Jeff Samardzija during his disappointing baseball career. Perhaps the sponsorship of his Baseball-Reference.com page offers a clue as to why.

Ownership Turmoil, Drafting & Development Failures Hinder Cubs as Trade Deadline Nears

The Chicago Cubs have consistently failed to draft and develop homegrown talent. This void has left the Cubs, who are still only two games out of first place, without many options as the trade deadline nears.

Chicago Cubs 2009 Preview: Taking a Look at the Cubs’ 2009 Bullpen

Beyond the bench, the bullpen is the 2nd weakest sector of the 2009 Chicago Cubs. The pen is average compared to the other 31 teams and well below average compared to the likely 8 we will see in the 2009 playoffs.