Jay Mariotti just the latest in the long, sordid litany of ESPN personalities in trouble

This weekend, “Jay the Joke” joined a rather lengthy list of those who have landed in hot water or been pink-slipped because of something that happened while employed by ESPN.

The Scales of Douche: LeBron James Crowned by The King

This morning I simply could not resist calling attention to one of the most ironic, laugh out loud hilarious examples I have ever seen of the pot calling the kettle black. Jay Mariotti, yes Jay Mariotti, referred to LeBron James as a douche bag.

The Scales of Douche: Tiki Barber, Albert Haynesworth, and Adam Morrison

In the second installment of The Scales of Douche, we analyze the douchiness of deadbeat douche Tiki Barber, the supremely selfish Albert Haynesworth, and that mustachioed guy in a suit on the Lakers bench.

Look! Another Cubs fan to point and laugh at!

As you know, I could probably type for days and days making derogatory comments about this North Sider, but I think in this case I’ll just let the visual evidence speak for itself.

Which Chicago Sports Team Will End Its Title Drought Next?

Last night, the Blackhawks ended a 49-year Stanley Cup drought by beating the Flyers. Which of Chicago’s sports droughts – some now short and one in particular obviously VERY long – will be the next to come to an end?

The Scales of Douche: Bryce Harper, Rickie Fowler, and Tate Forcier

Using MSF’s own proprietary Scale of Douche, we highlight extreme douchiness in the sports world and weigh it on a scale of Michael Jordan (zero douchiness) to Jay Mariotti (complete douchiness).

Saturday Afternoon Links, Including the Greatest Link of the Day EVER

A few Saturday afternoon links, including a great one from Cousins of Ron Mexico at The Big Lead about MSF’s “favorite” sports writer.

Daily Link Lump: Did Jay Mariotti Really Write That?

Link dump. What else do you need to know?

Jay Mariotti and the Sports Blogosphere Continue to be BFFs

Jay Mariotti finally jumped into the Raul Ibanez/bloggers-MSM debate yesterday and, predictably, wrote a column filled with hypocricy and laughable irony. Also predictable was the response of the sports blogosphere in holding Jay accountable.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk Joins Sports Fans Everywhere in Calling Jay Mariotti a Douche Bag

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has joined the chorus of sports fans, and pretty much every other human on Earth other than than Jay Mariotti’s mom, who thinks that Jay Mariotti is a douche bag. At least, that’s what I read in an Internet report tonight…

Jay Mariotti Posts First Column at FanHouse – Lots of Hype, and Much of it Negative

Jay Mariotti posted his first column at FanHouse today. Mariotti’s return to sports writing created a lot of hype around the sports blogosphere, and as the image pictured herein proves, much of the hype for the first Jay Mariotti post was not positive.

Jay Mariotti Joins Fanhouse as Blogger and Sports Fans Collectively Weep

Earlier today I saw news posted on Deadspin that I had been dreading for some time now: Jay Mariotti has joined FanHouse as a blogger. Now Jay Mariotti has a national voice again, and the sports world is far worse off for it.

Barack Obama Names Ozzie Guillen as Vice President, Replacing Joe Biden

In shocking news this evening, President-Elect Barack Obama has made a Vice Presidential switch: Ozzie Guillen is in, Joe Biden is out.

Jay Mariotti – The Curse of the Douche Bag for the Chicago White Sox

Does The Curse of the Douche Bag explain the September swoon of the Chicago White Sox?

Sun-Times Article Slams Credibility of Jay Mariotti

Even Jay Mariotti’s former colleagues at the Sun-Times are happy to see him go. So is KVB.