Are the Milwaukee Bucks for Real?

The Milwaukee Bucks have been far bettr than expected this season. Despite losing No. 2 overall pick Jabari Parker for the season with an ACL injury, Milwaukee is still in the hunt for a playoff berth in the Eastern Conference. But are the Bucks for real, or will they fade as the season continues?

What Does History Teach Us About NBA Players Who Immediately Become Coaches?

Tuesday the New York Knicks hired Derek Fisher as their head coach. Less than two weeks ago Fisher was the backup point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder. By hiring Fisher the Knicks became the second New York City basketball team in as many years to hire a player in his first year of retirement as a head coach. The Brooklyn Nets tapped 19-year pro Jason Kidd a year ago.

Jason Kidd gets technical in first game as coach

Many have wondered how Jason Kidd, a guy who has zero coaching experience, would fair in his first year on the bench. Well, he got his first taste of action Sunday during the Orlando Summer League and he promptly received his first technical foul.

NBA Rumors: Are Steve Nash and Jason Kidd Possibilities For the Chicago Bulls?

Yesterday Bulls Insider Aggrey Sam reported that the Bulls are going to make a run at Jason Kidd and Steve Nash this off-season to fill in for the injured Derrick Rose. How realistic is it that one of these players would actually take the bait?

Top 20 NBA Ballers of My Lifetime

Evan Schwartz analyzes the NBA during his lifetime and comes up with his list of the 20 ballers he’s had the joy to watch play.

Which active players are locks for the Basketball Hall of Fame?

Now that the Playoffs are underway and everyone’s paying attention to the NBA, Josh Tinley is posing this question: Which active players, if their career were to end tomorrow, would be deserving of election to the Basketball Hall of Fame?

Who is the Best Point Guard in the NBA Today?

Jon Washburn believes this is the “Year of the Point Guard” in the NBA. If so, who holds the championship belt? Jon ranked all the point guards and provides a detailed explanation of his top 10.